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What if Your iPhone gets quickly discharged ? [Tips]

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What if Your iPhone gets quickly discharged ? [Tips]

iphone-charge-2 What if Your iPhone gets quickly discharged ? [Tips]

Apple has the range of devices from standard model iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus with a larger screen and a compact model iPhone SE offer from 10 to 12 hours of battery life, it totally depends upon how you use it, like how much time you spend on Web surfing, Playing Games, chatting with friends on whatsapp or communication between your family and friends in social media.

It happens you think battery life should be little more or sometime it happens your phone acts weird it’s charging melts before our eyes. Do not rush to take in for repair shop, and even more don’t throw your iPhone ( call me i will be there to catch it ).

Many have reported to me as i have a gadget store, came to me reporting they have kept the iPhone in standby mode in night and by the time they woke up their phone’s battery drained from 100% to 30% to 40%. Today, we discuss the major problem how to solve the rapid discharge of the battery, which in most cases will not only save your nerves, but also money.

#1. Do not rush to any conclusions

iphone6s-1024x682 What if Your iPhone gets quickly discharged ? [Tips]

No matter which iPhone model you have or using it from a year or a completely brand new out of the box. In each case, even regular download of applications, games, working on e-mail client, and other content capable of draining your battery quickly.

  • In addition, the constant use of work Wi-Fi  also adversely affects the percentage of charge.
  • Even the work of the Spotlight – iOS search engine, which has to index all located on your device content – also affects the charge.
  • When wireless data transmission modules and many process on devices are in constant work, expect a decrease in consumption of the battery.

If the last day or so, you are very actively using your device, but do not worry, as soon as you enter into a regular rhythm, excessive battery consumption stops. And this article you will be of little interest. However, if the problem lasts for several days or more, then we continue.

#2. Testing in standby mode

iphone_6S_-1024x576 What if Your iPhone gets quickly discharged ? [Tips]

If you do not take into account the fact that the system for the final load, transmission and shutdown of an application is required for some time, the main source of increased battery consumption lies in the fact that we love to “play” with new devices and functions.

Especially urgent this problem is in relation to these functions, the app “Live Picture”, 12-megapixel camera and video 4K format. The screen is always on in the memory is always something written, Wi-Fi worked without rest, the incessant calls around the list of your contacts – that’s you and increased consumption.

In other words, if you think that the battery is only half the declared manufacturer time, the very first thing to decide for themselves – not too actively you are using the device?

Test your phone in standby mode: 

  • To test this, remember the current battery level, and then the phone aside for 20-40 minutes.
  • After this time, take the phone and see how much charge has been spent for this period of time.
  • If the indicator is not very high, then your device is OK, and the excessive consumption of the battery is likely to stop as soon as you get back to normal, not too active use of the device.

If the charge continues to melt in front of the device even in the standby mode, keep reading.

#3. Hard Reset ( Home + Power Button )

iphone_problems What if Your iPhone gets quickly discharged ? [Tips]

Reloaded is the most frequent answer in solving many problems. Why? Yes, because it really works. Sometimes a hard reset all back to life, even can make “dead” back to life (the device.)

To do restart the machine:

  • Press and hold the power button and the Home button at the same time;
  • Hold them as long until you see the Apple logo on the screen;
  • Release the buttons.

As soon as your phone reboots, repeat the previous two Board and check back if the charging level of consumption in the normal mode. If not, keep reading.

#4. Check the level of usage [Apps]

To do that just go to Settings  -> Battery -> scroll down a lil bit there you see Battery usage.  iOS consumes battery power just as the crocodile. So let’s see what programs and services are more than just eat your charge.

iOS-Screenshot-20160805-052058-508x1024 What if Your iPhone gets quickly discharged ? [Tips]

ios-9-battery-1024x531 What if Your iPhone gets quickly discharged ? [Tips]

  • Open the “Settings” menu;
  • Select “Battery” and click on it;
  • Wait until the system calculates the percentage consumed;
  • Click on the clock icon to see the charge level of consumption in the background and the screen;
  • Press as “Last 7 Days” to display a more general meaning consumption of battery power.

ios-9-battery-usage-1024x566 What if Your iPhone gets quickly discharged ? [Tips]

The fact that the percentage of consumption indicates only recent activity. If you say something just downloaded (updated), the system will show the percentage of battery consumption during this process. As soon as you stop the download, everything should return to normal. However, if you see that the system shows that you have recently used, for example, Facebook, and the level of consumption on the screen is 4 per cent, while in the background every 40 percent, then we really have a problem.

In this case, one of the variants of the solution can be forced termination of consuming too much energy applications. After that, the level of consumption should be back to normal.

  • Double-clicking the Home button takes you to the screen to quickly switch between recently used applications;
  • Select unnecessary swipe card applications;
  • Push it and hold, sudden movement of the finger outputs it off the screen.

how-to-kill-apps-1024x714 What if Your iPhone gets quickly discharged ? [Tips]

If you feel that a particular application is somehow incorrectly behaves, you can simply reinstall or to choose other similar, more stable and not so consumes battery power.

#5. Factory data reset

recovery-mode-1024x700 What if Your iPhone gets quickly discharged ? [Tips]

It often happens that the system restore from an old backup runs is not entirely successful. And in this case, the phone is not just begins to consume battery, but, as they say, shamelessly “fail.” It would seem that we are doing a backup of the system quite efficient, but recovery is all set to score the contrary.

If you think that this is the case, then the best solution to the problem will return the phone to its factory settings. Of course, it is recommended to make the most extreme cases, nevertheless, if nothing else fails, there is only one outlet.

In this case you have to re-install everything, including passwords and settings. In addition, you can lose all your saved progress in the game, statistics of your physical activity and so on. But in most cases, a full reset really helps to bring back the level of consumption of the battery to a normal rhythm. If you are not sure how to do this, it is better to consult a specialist or a person to whom this process is familiar.

#5. Contact Apple

genius-bar What if Your iPhone gets quickly discharged ? [Tips]

If you encounter a problem that is not able to decide better contact Apple technical support. As is the case with any other electronics, Apple devices, too, are not immune to such problems. You can apply directly to the nearest Apple Store, or if the nearest Apple Store is up to you except in the neighboring country, it is better to simply call the toll-free number given below

  • United States – 1-800-275-2273
  • Canada – 1-800-263-3394
  • Russia – 8 800 555 6734
  • UK – 0800 107 6285
  • Germany – 0800 6645 451
  • Australia – (61) 1-300-321-456
  • India – 000800 1009009

They work around the clock. or visit this page to get all toll-free no’s of all countries.

#6. Power Saving mode

Low-power-mode What if Your iPhone gets quickly discharged ? [Tips]

If the level of battery consumption is normal, but you would like to see the battery life was higher, you can use the special case-battery. If the hand you such a thing is not there, you can go the other way: to use the power-saving mode.

  • Open the settings;
  • Select “Battery”;
  • Turn on the power-saving mode.

When enabled, the slider will turn green and the battery icon in the system tray (on the main screen) changes to yellow. Mode will turn off automatically as soon as the battery capacity will be increased to 80 percent, so if you want it to be always on, will have to every time to go to the settings.

In addition, the power-saving mode, you can use Siri. Just say: «Hey Siri, turn on low power mode!.

#7. Increase battery life by these tips.

If you and the power saving mode seems to be insufficient, then here are some tips that will slightly improve the battery life of your device:

  • Hide application icon “Clock” in the folder. Her animation uses GPU resources;
  • Replace the 1 minute period after which the screen will be locked automatically;
  • Turn off all unnecessary sounds. For example, clicks when typing;
  • Use headphones instead of speakers device while listening to the radio and music;
  • Reduce the brightness of the screen;
  • Turn off Bluetooth, when not in use;
  • Turn off Wi-Fi, when not in use.

I hope you all have got this killer tips to save your battery life or fix your battery life which is draining faster. If you have any other tips, to save your battery life or any other method to fix battery life or increase life, comment below !

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