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What Happens If You Squash iPhone 7 in a Metal Roller?


What Happens If You Squash iPhone 7 in a Metal Roller?

Yet, another way to kill the iPhone 7 !

You would never kill your iPhone, but a popular videoblogger TechRax is known for its weird and amazing ways to kill your iPhone.

I have bought my iPhone 7 Plus with great difficulties and my savings, why would i test it and kill it. TechRax Youtuber this time has taken into a new lever, it flattened the smartphone using industrial steel shafts and posted a video of the process on its Youtube-Channel.

iPhone 8 might look very thin, but there is no limit to perfection. Just he said “I decided to reduce the thickness of iPhone 7” – explained his actions why he wants to flatten the phone.

You will see a industrial metal roller, when iPhone is passed through the roller it withstood successfully, just with some metal scratches and only could only damage the frontal display touch of the smartphone, but strange part is “iPhone 7” was still working.

Further attempts to flatten the iPhone 7 had quite expected outcome – a smartphone battery ignited, exuding clubs toxic smoke. Battery glowed red and swelled up, continuing to smoke for some time. The final result of the experiment can become a museum exhibit of contemporary art.

Here comes the video, how the iPhone 7 is flattened using a industrial metal roller.

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