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“VKontakte” launched its Prisma Clone – Vinci [Download Now]


“VKontakte” launched its Prisma Clone – Vinci [Download Now]

Social network of Russia, “VKontakte” network has introduced a new tool for image processing, Vinchi, available for iOS and Android – an analogue of the acclaimed Prisma applications , and it also can turn your photos into masterpieces by famous artists.

download-600x600 "VKontakte" launched its Prisma Clone - Vinci [Download Now]

The application-based – a neural network or other artificial intelligence algorithms to “redraw” photos, applying to them the different styles. Pictures can be downloaded from the gallery, or to do right from the app.

Filters are available twenty four interesting – from the styles of Malevich and Kandinsky to flames and Prisma (photo as if assembled from triangles). the whole interface is similar to Prisma, to understand and get used to snap.

Image processing is done almost instantly – probably due to the fact that the app is launched, so the server is not overloaded. It is noteworthy that when you first applied to the photos one style, then another, and then want to return to the first, the picture is not processed again – as in Prisma.

The app is free, paid features in Vinci yet. Processed photos can be stored on a device in a cloud service or to share with friends on social networks.

Better or worse results Vinci work in comparison with the popular predecessor, do not undertake to say – a matter of taste. See for yourself, compare, share with friends! Below are links to download the application.

Download the app from the Google Play and the App Store:

Google Play download link :

chart?cht=qr& "VKontakte" launched its Prisma Clone - Vinci [Download Now]
PmPvsumVwVafEH3JymGZPedERuD44lMLCdkhC0mzANh9uZ2xmWwFYN_K1ETBI18ECw=w128 "VKontakte" launched its Prisma Clone - Vinci [Download Now]
Price: Free
  • QdF9ZzUGnh_3xwNWL7GOlZEPjJjCeb0OPI5yxu9ksIv2EcS1AU-mzdQ37_19qb_NFA=h310 "VKontakte" launched its Prisma Clone - Vinci [Download Now]
  • T5cIblzdBgPw9jKEvX10sikom1mSU4heQgpTo-2b4BcUiNV37sw2ryZClvvR1Eor28A=h310 "VKontakte" launched its Prisma Clone - Vinci [Download Now]
  • DyZ5ZBq4AhvZ3NRq7BhgaiVGmV5akeukyUMfCkdpD3oVUysq5XK9D-35_CSruWoujAk=h310 "VKontakte" launched its Prisma Clone - Vinci [Download Now]
  • eNaIEHAT_XA-WiXP2QLtMiH-N-VBRLLdAWptTxYyGS2jYx6KbuTLx3ATJHA-56EWX1w=h310 "VKontakte" launched its Prisma Clone - Vinci [Download Now]

iOS Appstore download link : ( if not working click on the direct link below ) 

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