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How Does Touch ID display Works In iPhone 7


How Does Touch ID display Works In iPhone 7

techno-touch-id-1-1-750x563 How Does Touch ID display Works In iPhone 7

Around upcoming iPhone redesign goes a lot of rumors – especially because “seven” is not surprised by the innovations in appearance. Most analysts agree that Apple saved up all the cards on the tenth anniversary of the legendary smartphone. And chief among them is the refusal of the Home button and switch to frameless displays – is, patent achievements for this already.

techno-touch-id-2 How Does Touch ID display Works In iPhone 7

Federal US Patent Office published the statements, which says Apple about getting a patent on the technology of fingerprint information read across the screen of your smartphone. This offers a direct way to create iPhone to display the entire front surface and points to the possible failure of the button Home – its place will fulfill the program elements on the display, touch sensitivity.

techno-touch-id-3 How Does Touch ID display Works In iPhone 7

In fact, the technology described location of another sensor layer in the display of the smartphone unit, which will be activated on the same basis as that of a conventional capacitive sensors. As noted by some experts, the main problem of modern analogues Touch ID is the loss of the print resolution for the use of additional lenses – a new “display» Apple decision will have to find a solution to it. Now, it is described as an electrostatic lens, which will get rid of the blur with a special conductive layer, which allows the image to skirt the electric field arising due to human skin conductance.

techno-touch-id-4 How Does Touch ID display Works In iPhone 7

However, according to the conditions described in the patent, Apple still will need a metal ring around the sensor, allowing to accurately determine the start of the scan. However, to claim about it seriously difficult without real results. On the prospects of technology appear in real devices, nothing is known – Apple has traditionally kept secret its breakthrough design, carefully patenting every potentially interesting concept.

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