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Top 5 Must Play Titles On The Xbox One

Xbox One


Top 5 Must Play Titles On The Xbox One

Microsoft’s latest gaming console Xbox One or Xbox one S is already creating buzz among hardcore gamers. Those who already own it are struggling to select which games to play. To help such owners here’s a list of our top five picks you must play on Xbox One.


The sequel to the hugely popular Titanfall has everything in it that made the first part so popular the creators have added new weapons and some novel abilities. Titanfall 2 also has a single-player campaign mode, which makes it all the great for lone rangers out there. Titanfall 2 has a really big robot-factory which helps in assembling the whole town while the players are engaged in their rampage. Also, the online multiplayer mode has a plethora of campaigns including some popular levels from the first game.


Team-based shooting games have never gone out of fad. Overwatch with its unique character abilities and back story of each character has taken the gaming industries by surprise. Gamers can choose to play any of the characters ranging from a deadly sniper, a hammer-wielding angry knight, to a rollerblading healer. The game demands a significant co-ordination between the players or it will become difficult to cross even the first chapter.


How long can you wait for an RPG game? How about over a decade? Yes! This already dubbed as the best RPG game ever has proved that it was worth the entire wait. The Final Fantasy XV offers a real-time combat that is based on a mechanism that lets gamers zip around the action-filled battlefield and allows multiple innovative chain combos for attacks. That’s not all with Final Fantasy XV, the central story to the game is extremely dark and is bound to awake all your emotions and get the blood flowing into some real action.


Probably you may have not played a first-person-shooting game like this ever before. Superhot is based on the premise that time moves only when the central character moves. This frozen time concept gives you a wide timeframe (which actually you decide) to dodge a bullet or to take on a pack of gunslingers. The plot of the game is similar to that of The Matrix, except that the game takes place in a single verse with the time-dimension under the control of the central character.


This third-person shooter game from the house of Microsoft and The Coalition reintroduces characters from the previous versions of the popular franchise. The main character J.D. Fenix with his trusted friends heroically deals with threats to humanity amid a martial law imposed on the planet Sera. The game features extreme weather conditions and shows horrific scenes from the dying planet.

This was our top five picks. Do let us know yours in the comment box below.

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