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Top 12 beautiful video games for the Sony PlayStation 4


Top 12 beautiful video games for the Sony PlayStation 4

Colorful video game in the style of steam punk or surrealism, which is set in the distant galaxies, among the cozy country cottages or in the streets of a futuristic city in the desert – original works of art.

1. of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Developer: of Naughty Dog
the Action / the Adventure (action adventure)

Scenic road-track the protagonists of this adventure game – tortuous and difficult: it starts in a dilapidated prison somewhere in Panama, it passes through Malaysia, spreading the bustling city streets and bazaar rows in Madagascar, and ends in the middle of the windy open spaces of Scotland. Perhaps this is one of the most beautiful games for the PS4, created by specialists of Naughty Dog.


2. Bloodborne

Developer: FromSoftware

Genre: the Action / of RPG (role fighter)

The action, impregnated disturbing premonition, which is based on genre features inherent “Lovecraftian horror”, as well as video games in the style of steampunk, it begins in the fictional town of Yarnam. This city – wet and gloomy. He is full of Victorian-Gothic charm, but covered an epidemic of plague. And he is caught up in the intrigues of the ruling class, so that players will not have time to get bored.

3. of The Witness has

Developer: Thekla, Inc

Genre: philosophical puzzle game

Fascinating beautiful game created by Jonathan Blow. In general, there is no plot as such, because solving puzzles in the game, the gamer explores outdoor cartoon world, which is an island in the ocean.

4. Ratchet & Clank

Developer: Insomniac Games is

Genre: Platformer

In fact, a continuation of the classic and, one might say, of the cult game series. Ratchet & Clank The plot follows the adventures of two bosom friends: strange alien Ratchet and Clank – robot baby. They both have a bunch of technical devices and gadgets to solve game problems on a cosmic scale, and excellent sense of humor.

5. of Far Cry 4

Developer: Ubisoft has Montreal You

Genre: the Action / the Open world (action-open world)

Bright colors, realistic game world and a dynamic plot – the traditional elements inherent in this game series.

Traditionally, the games in this genre, the creators have taken care of the necessary disguise and secrecy: to creative fiction writers, creatives did not cause very real diplomatic scandal, the game takes place in Kirata – fictional, ie nonexistent Himalayan region.   Why such precautions? The fact is that according to the story of the game, in Kirata smoldering civil war, and the country is ruled by a king-pretender Pagano Ming, who, say, killed the rightful heir to the throne. Needless to say, the writers Ubisoft walk on the razor’s edge, inventing such passion. Moreover, these very inventions are not far from what is actually densely-often occurs in this region of the world.

6. for Everybody’s Gone to the of Rapture

Developer: of The Chinese Room

Genre: adventure game in first person (Quest)

The game is set in a small English village in Shropshire during the end of the world, well, ie in the middle of the Apocalypse. However, do not rush to be afraid, because “the sunset of mankind” turned out to be really very elegant and peaceful, which, frankly, vaguely reminiscent of the plot of “Melancholy” (2011) – a dramatic picture of the director Lars von Trier.

The game is narrated on behalf of several different characters, the fate of each of them one way or another is woven into the overall fabric of the world is incredibly picturesque rural hinterland, and, the world, devoid of any human presence – the population of the village in full somewhere disappeared. There were only their images in the form of phantoms. The basis of the gameplay Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture – the study of the world.

7. Firewatch

Developer: Campo The Santo

Genre: adventure video game in the first person

A young team of ambitious writers, programmers and artists from Campo Santo set out to create something truly amazing. And what? They were able to play in the world of virtual reality, the beauty and diversity of wildlife, because the events of the game take place in the Shoshone National Forest, in the state of Wyoming.

8. Hohokum

Developer: Honeyslug

Genre: the Art game / Arthouse game (musical and artistic game)

Hohokum – not the usual “toy”, because even by the standards of this “minor genre”, like this one, it is – it is something special, but at the same time unpretentious and unencumbered.

In fact, this game bezsyuzhetnaya – art installation, in which the design of graphics, animations and all sorts of surreal images that are subject to a single goal – to deliver players the ultimate audio-visual pleasure.

This is not surprising, given the fact that the creation of graphic images of the game involved a British artist Richard Hogg (Richard Hogg). According to the developers, he sought inspiration in the aesthetics of ancient cultures, folklore and traditional ornaments.  As for the music, the process of writing her trusted experts record label Ghostly International.

9. the Star Wars Battlefront

Developer: EA’s the DICE

Genre: action-shooter / third-person

Perhaps today it is the most successful attempt to reproduce the universe of “Star Wars” video game format, because the creators of the simulator “Space Zaruba” managed to move it a unique atmosphere with screens cinemas on the console screen. The cornerstone of the gameplay – the individual battle, during which gamers are invited to choose which side he would like to shoot: a part of the rebel forces or among the forces loyal to the Empire. Importantly, the plot the basis of all the tests in the game -. Time-tested story cult kinoepizodov In this game you can play either alone or in multiplayer mode. And it can be done on the “grid” or “bosom druzyashkami” playing for one screen. . The main battle in the game: Battle of Hoth, Endor, Tatooine, and of other space objects, respectively, I think, would be superfluous to mention, but I will say that one more important advantage of this game – the ability to “steer” a variety of armored and simple techniques (eg, . maneuverable, the BARC speeder or clumsy ‘walkers’ AT-AT) In addition, there exists another bonus – the opportunity to play for the main characters of “Star Wars”, ieI feel what is called, in the “skin” of Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker, and others. The important innovation of the game – the function of switching between the modes: from 1 to 3 temu face and vice versa.

10. of The the Order 1886

Developer: the Ready AT of Dawn

Genre: the Action / the Adventure (action adventure)

While the plot of the game – not the strongest side of it, the visual component is worthy of all praise: the general ambiance of Victorian London, in which raw and dark streets, walking around werewolves – is breathtaking. The game’s plot – a kind of symbiosis of mythology, folklore, history, fiction, and science. Syuzhetik game: many centuries ago, the human race began to be born “half-breeds” – mutants having “wolf”, “animals” features. As expected, once between the mutant and ordinary people it started a war which seems to never end. So that humanity was at least some chance of winning in this fight, on the lookout standing order of chivalry, whose name is borrowed from the epic of King Arthur, which is also partly reflected in the title game.

11. Overwatch

Developer: of Blizzard Entertainment’s

Genre: multiplayer first-person shooter

At the amateur, of course, but I would say that Overwatch – senseless and merciless team shooter, but beautiful. What were the features of the game? Each of a dozen characters, unique character is inherent, as well as a number of unique abilities that define its functional role as a combat unit in the team. Thus, depending on the abilities, the characters are divided into the following types: attack aircraft, defense, tylovikov. What more can be said? The game has 12 different levels of difficulty and a lot of weapons that surely will please fans of this genre.

12. No Man’s the Sky

Developer: the Hello Games is

Genre: action-adventure / survival game

It is not a typical case, because this video is still in development, but, on the assurances of the creators, and judging by the teaser, it is so good is that there is almost no doubt – the upcoming masterpiece.

Why are these findings? The fact that Hello Games studio specialists create the universe, which will consist of thousands or even millions of stars, planets, galaxies, each of which can be explored at your leisure. And yet it will be possible to fly on a space ship, povysazhivatsya on the planet, wander through among them there the surface of the bizarre flora and fauna, as well as “resources” will have to collect to upgrade your spaceship and spacesuit. So, grab all that is bad in as many as possible. In short, the basis of its gameplay -. A study of an open world why it is so necessary? I am inclined to think that the No Man’s Sky – is a game-demonstration that the entire galaxy could fit into Sony PlayStation 4. Moreover, this galaxy – a world that lives by its own laws, transforms, changes and evolves in real-time chat your eyes. In general, some surprisingly complex and structured matrix, not otherwise. Surely, No Man’s Sky will make many people very far from astrophysics, to think about what the universe, where everything is and what place we occupy in it.

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