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Top 10 mistakes of iPhone users


Top 10 mistakes of iPhone users

bold-1 Top 10 mistakes of iPhone users

iPhone no doubt is one of the best smartphone in the world, many users keep their iPhone as their treasure, but unfortunately I don’t think they do. Rusbase ( russian site ) has listed the Top 10 mistakes when using the iPhone.

So here comes the mistakes usually iPhone users do, they are listed below

1. Never turn off iPhone

You really should switch off the phone at least once a week, otherwise the battery will run down faster than you should. According to experts, the battery deteriorates, when we do not use the included smart phone. If you use your phone as an alarm clock, think about how to replace it with the usual cheap watch, or turn off the iPhone for some time during the day.

2. Keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are always included

When enabled on the iPhone Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but not used, neither one nor the other, the energy is wasted. In everyday life, you would not need constant Turning Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It is better to turn them off and include only as needed.

3. Using it in bad weather

Your iPhone is not designed for extremely high or low temperatures, so do not use it outdoors when it is below 0 or above 30 degrees Celsius. Because of this, the battery is exhausted, and more time on the phone hangs up. If you know in advance that you have to get out in bad weather, turn off the iPhone, or at least keep in your pocket, away from the weather.

4. We leave iPhone to charge full night

While leaving iPhone charged for the night comfortably, some believe that it is not the best idea. This issue has caused a lot of controversy. Many agree on one thing: leave the iPhone on after full charge is harmful. Because of this, over time, it deteriorates the battery and the phone quickly discharged.

“The battery will work better if disconnected from its power supply until it reaches 100%. If you leave the phone on the charge when it is already fully charged, the efficiency of the smartphone is slightly reduced, “- he wrote last year in Gizmodo. Try to charge it during the day to just turn off when fully charged. Well, that or use a special timer.

5. A fully charged or discharged battery

Lithium-ion batteries – they are used in the iPhone – work best when they charge 50-80%, – told the magazine Digital Trends. On the other hand, if the battery is fully discharged, the battery falls into the “state of a fully discharged battery,” because of that ions can not hold a charge for a long time, – says representatives from Apple. When recharging at short intervals, the ions receive enough battery power to operate for a long time and prolong her work – he adds. Charge the battery is like a snack and a break for a meal during the day.Think of it like that.

6. You use chargers that are not Apple’s

Chargers Apple are expensive but they are worth the cost. Use of charging other brands may adversely affect your phone. According to some reports, the fake charge even cause fires and explosions. Therefore, Apple has created a program for repayment of charging adapters with USB.

7. Do not clean it

Your iPhone looks disgusting. Well, really ugly. On the toilet seat and plate have pets microbes smaller than on your iPhone. Apple recommends wiping gadget “soft, lint-free cloth.” In addition, the phone is used for disinfection devices with ultraviolet radiation. Do not forget to clean the charging port. It stuck and accumulated debris from pockets and purses, which is why there are problems with the connection. Use a toothpick thin needle or sharp end of earrings to clean out the dirt.

8. Walking with the iPhone in hands, noticing nothing

You realize it or not, iPhone – a valuable thing on the black market and the desired object for thieves. About 40% of thefts in large cities in 2013 occurred in the theft of mobile devices.This last year, said US Federal Communications Commission. Therefore, unsafe to walk with the phone in hand, twisted in the clouds.

9. Do not password protect it

Half of iPhone users did not set a password to lock their phones – said Apple’s 2013. If you do not set the access password to the iPhone, in case of theft thieves have full access to your data and personal information. Password – the easiest way to protect your personal information from intruders.

10. Giving access to your location and permit push-notifications to all applications in a row

Uber applications such as Maps and need “access to location” in order to work correctly.However, they are usually notified about when you need to connect the function. Other applications work well and without geolocation. Go to Settings> Privacy> Service locations and deactivate the function by disabling it in all secondary applications. Your battery will thank you.

Push-notifications also hold your phone at full combat readiness and require constant data connection, this draining the battery. When the phone receives another notification, the display lights up, thereby reducing battery life. The researchers also found that notice prevented focus. Go to Settings> Notifications and select only one important application.

So these were the mistake usually all iPhone users do, how many mistakes you do in this list, give your thoughts and you can Join us at Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or via RSS,

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