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The Russian broke the world record in the Pokemon GO


The Russian broke the world record in the Pokemon GO

gosha443-600x381 The Russian broke the world record in the Pokemon GO

A student from St. Petersburg told NSN as broke the world record in Pokemon Go, collecting 145 Pokemon.

Russian student Georgy Timofeev (nickname in the game – Gosha443) was able in just two weeks to collect 145 Pokémon. The previous record belonged to the user with the nickname of the US ftb_hodor, who collected just 142 pocket monsters for 16 days.The rest of the Pokemon just not available in his country.

The new record holder was required to pass only 59 km to get more Pokemon. The previous owner of the very large collections of pocket monsters was 153 km.

Secret of success

According to George, he was able to find exclusive Pokémon that are not available in Russia, in eggs.They need to be hatched by the passage of a certain distance.

NSN spoke with George and learned how he had come to the world record as to this are his friends, and that he plans to do next.

The more you so hooked on Pokemon Go?

– As a child, when I was four years old, I watched Pokemon on TV, then they really liked me. I saw in the news that came out for the game Pokémon, where you have to catch them on the street, and nostalgia swept over me.

You set a goal of overfishing or so Pokemon accident happened?

– First, just playing fun, then I realized that is rapidly gaining pace and find different Pokémon. I thought to be the first in Europe and Russia, who will collect all the Pokemon – it’s a good goal, so by about the third day of the game to her given name. I installed the game on July 12 so the record took two weeks.

How do you catch Pokémon that are not available in Russia?

– Apart from the fact that the Pokémon scattered around the globe, they also can be found in eggs, which hatch in need by passing a certain number of kilometers. By the way, I was just 59 km away. Exclusive for other countries Pokémon can also be found in these eggs, even if you are not in another country, which in fact I did.

Friends do not make fun of your hobby?

– It happens in all undertakings, especially those related to games. Already accustomed to a lot of them play.

Fans of the game somehow communicate with each other? 

– I read the section on reddit about Pokemon Go. They all boast of their accomplishments or spread screenshots of funny moments from the game. Some wrote the strategy for fast leveling that I just helped. Also in the United States are already doing the gathering for the joint catching Pokemon on a regular basis, we have the same in Russia, as far as I know, it’s still in the development stage.

The American, who became the first in the world, and which record you broke, is now planning a trip for the exclusive Pokémon. You’re not going?

– As I said, I have collected exclusive Pokemon, so for them to go to another country do not see, but would gladly have gone to offices or the Nintendo Niantic Lab, who developed the game.

Pokemon Screenshot: 

pokemon-scsreenshot-338x600 The Russian broke the world record in the Pokemon GO

Source :NSN

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