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You can’t stop Laughing, after watching these videos about Pokemon GO


You can’t stop Laughing, after watching these videos about Pokemon GO

For mobile Pokémon are treated differently: some frantically running around the city in search of the next pocket monster, the other fiercely hate the game, and irritated at any mention Pokemon GO. But some refer to this phenomenon with humor.

Game Pokemon GO gained immense popularity among the players and has become a real cultural phenomenon of global scale, as well as an occasion for jokes. We have gathered the most funny video about Pokemon catchers from video service COUB:

Crowds hunters

That is unfamiliar with the game Pokemon GO people perceive catchers Pokemon who are looking for another rare monster.

Pokemon zombi players!

Someone refers to the Pokemon GO more critical, considering that the game is designed to indoctrinate users.

Exclusive monster

In Russia, it managed to find a rare Pokemon that lives in dark alleys.

Inaccessible places

Some players in the pursuit of Pokemon can wander into a very dangerous place, but someone all ready for a rare monster.

Travolta caught Pikachu

Perhaps no single phenomenon on the Internet is not without jokes with John Travolta and frames from the movie “Pulp Fiction.”

Medvedev and Pokemon

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is known for his love of gadgets and tehonologiyam, jokes about Pokemon could not ignore it. Someone imagined that Medvedev casually started playing at a government meeting.

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