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How To Receive / Make Calls from any Phone on Mac.


How To Receive / Make Calls from any Phone on Mac.

wanna use your mac to make and receive calls, from any phone. Yes here’s how you can teach your mac to make, receive and record calls.

Apple updated its ecosystem with a very useful feature called “continuity”. It allows connecting the iPhone / iPad with Mac to perform a number of actions.

The most useful feature of the regime is making calls from your iPhone through Mac. The smartphone can be in the next room, or in a bag near an outlet to charge, but at the time of an incoming call, you can take it without getting up from the computer. You can even record incoming and outgoing calls.

What if I got old Nokia phone in the closet, and I want to make calls from my Mac, it sounds crazy, no it’s not. You can make and receive calls from your old phone. Just make sure you have some money to buy “App” and “Bluetooth” on your old phone.

How To make Calls from Your Mac with any phone connected to it:

It turns out to create a comfortable combination phone + computer not required to use the iPhone. With the help of third-party apps from the Mac App Store to call and write SMS with the Mac can and through a regular phone.

What you will need:

  • any Mac with a  64-bit processor and OS X 10.9 or later systems on board;
  • any phone that supports Bluetooth (not necessarily a smartphone);
  • one of the two applications which describes below.

HandsFree 2 – Calls & SMS using any phone

Step #1: Install the app, connect your phone to Bluetooth and all.

Step #2: Now the phone receives Mac as a headset and allows you to receive incoming calls through it.

During the call, we’ll see a dialog box on a computer with the possibility to accept or reject the call and during a call can even start recording.

How_to_call_from_mac_05 How To Receive / Make Calls from any Phone on Mac.

Straight from the menu bar, you can see the signal strength and battery connected phone call of any subscriber from the phone book, call history view, and even write a message.

How_to_call_from_mac_01 How To Receive / Make Calls from any Phone on Mac.


Connect App to Make Calls from your Mac: ( Method 2 )

connect-app How To Receive / Make Calls from any Phone on Mac.

After buying Connect, which will set you back $1.99, you will then need to follow the instructions to pair your device to your Mac.

The app will live in your Mac’s menu bar along the top of your screen. When you need to place a call, click on the app icon, and then dial the number, look up your contacts, or direct Siri to place the call for you. The call itself is broadcast through your Mac’s speakers, using the microphone equipped on your Mac.

From what we hear, there’s a little bit of delay, but otherwise, the app worked just as advertised.

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