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How to Speed Up Boot Time of Your Android Device?

Boot Android Faster


How to Speed Up Boot Time of Your Android Device?

Sometimes, Android devices don’t boot quickly and take several minutes to process, especially when we don’t have enough time to wait for it to load all files.

Read on to know how to make your smartphone boot faster.

Android is a very amazing platform and it becomes more flexible after Rooting. Without Rooting it can’t do many things. Since Rooting gives you complete access to your Android device, it voids the warranty. Here, we discuss some of the cool tricks to boost up the boot time of your Android device after Rooting. You can edit its system file after Rooting Android.

How To Kick your Device To Wake Up Faster, lol ! 

If you have super-user access, this method is very simple. You will need to find and edit some system files to enhance the bootup process of your Android device.

Here are some of the easy steps to proceed.

Caution: Rooting makes your device vulnerable to security threats and voids manufacturer’s warranty. So, Root your device only when it is important and at your own risk.

Speed up Booting Process by Rooting

Step #1: Firstly, you are required to Root your device as the app will work only in Rooted device. So to root your android visit HERE.

2016-12-21_22-29-09 How to Speed Up Boot Time of Your Android Device?

How to make android boot faster

Step #2: Download and install Root Explorer app on your Android device after Rooting the device.

Root-Explorer-1 How to Speed Up Boot Time of Your Android Device?

How to make android boot faster

Step #3: Launch the app and access the “System Folder -> Build.prop”. You can see in the screenshot above.

Step #4: Tap on the file to open and choose text editor to edit the file.

Step#5: Paste the following code when file is opened –


Step #6: Save the file and close the app.

This is all that you have to do. Reboot your device to check its boot up speed.  You will see the difference in boot up time just by adding the above code.

Speed Up Booting by Using Apps

You can speed up booting by apps, by configuring and rooting it takes time but by these apps you can significantly improve the speed of booting. Take a look of few of them and try. Let us know which app was better and good!

#Fast Reboot by Great Bytes Software

It Closes/Restarts all the user and core processes that are configurable and frees up memory, almost imitating the Reboot process. By using Fast Reboot, your phone can be much smoother. You can also set it to perform “Fast Reboot” automatically whenever you unlock your Android device.

Major Highlights

  • Choose processes to exempt from being Closed/Restarted
  • Perform quick Reboot automatically when you unlock the phone from standby
  • Schedule auto quick Reboots
  • Features a direct shortcut and widget to start a Reboot with one touch

#Assistant for Android by AA Mobile

This app comes with some of the amazing features to efficiently and easily manage your Tablets and Smartphones. It is among the most comprehensive and powerful management tools to boost your android device. It boosts running speed of your device to save battery. It also has the option to manage the startup. You can customize your startup easily using this app.

Major Highlights

  • Startup Manager
  • Monitor Status File Manager (RAM, CPU, SD card, ROM, Battery)
  • Batch Removal
  • Battery Usage

#Quick Reboot by PhongIT

With this app, you can instantly boot in Recovery Mode. You don’t have to keep in mind keyboard shortcuts. It can assist in launching with a lot easier mode. This app also consists of the hot Reboot option to boot faster.

So today you have learned how to speed up your android phone. we discussed by two methods one was rooting your phone and configuring system internal settings and another one was through some apps in GooglePlay by which your Android smartphone got some kick power to wake up soon.

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