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How To Solve The Main Problem Of Android ?


How To Solve The Main Problem Of Android ?

Recently Android has released its new OS Andriod 7.0 Nougat, this version might be the last one before release of new OS by Android “Fuchsia”.  The new OS will bring lot of changes to Mobile devices and Computers.  Now the question is –

What is the problem with Android ?

Android has two problems: Number one is Java and second is the old smartphones. we will look into details about these problems, and what measures Google is taking to overcome these problems below !

techno-andriod-1-750x422 How To Solve The Main Problem Of Android ?


The Rights of Java technology is owned by Oracle which required with Google for the use is nearly $10 billion, which is about the same as Google has been able to make money on Android during the existence of the operating system.  However, Google managed to defend its position in court, and not entirely honest – the company said that Android is a mobile operating system and the Java language was designed for an entirely different category of devices and desktops.

Consequently, the Google has made a unique Java-based product to which Oracle cannot have claims. In this case the Google, as it was then founded at Oracle, was silent about plans to launch the Google Play store on the Chromebook, which would break the whole defense. Because,  it turns out that Android-apps still can work on computers.


The second problem stems from the fact that after the release of new version of Android, fewer and fewer devices can upgrade to it. This is evident in the fragmentation of Android statistics that Google publishes every month.  At the beginning of August 2015, Android 6.0 Marshmallow was installed only on 15,2% Android-devices.  It is very small, and now many users do not have to wait for the release of the most recent update and last year.

Devices that can be updated to Android 7.0 right now are less than a dozen, and the readiness to release this update for their smartphones and tablets, said only Samsung, HTC and the Sony, and those called only on a few models. Other manufacturers have buried their head in the sand and pretend that there is no new version of Android comes out. Moreover, many of them continue to produce smartphones based on Android 5.1 without any prospects of their updates.

What is the complexity of the issue updates for smartphones ?  The fact that Android is getting confusing. The first version of this operating system was relatively simple, but then began to grow all kinds of Android features, each of which has to be adapted to the specific model. Eloquently about Android confusion is the fact that the test version of Android 7.0 was available for smartphone on Sony Xperia Z3, but the official update for this model has not received as a result, the Sony did not include it in the list of devices that in the foreseeable future will be upgraded to Nougat.

techno-andriod-Fuchsia-2-750x422 How To Solve The Main Problem Of Android ?

Google sees these problems better than we are with you and the company, apparently preparing a solution. Google refuses to Android, Chrome OS, and its other operating systems in favor of the new platform Fuchsia . This platform is created based Dart language, the right to which is wholly owned by Google. Fuchsia will be versatile and be able to work on different types of devices – computers, smartphones, virtual reality helmets, the IoT, etc.

Fuchsia OS will have two parts: the first is a tiny kernel of the operating system, and the second – the tools and libraries for a specific device. Similarly,  in various types of devices running Windows 10 – Microsoft has created One Core, common to smartphones, tablets, computers and other equipment. It is this kernel provides, firstly, a long Windows 10 compatible with different devices, and second, the possibility of cross-platform interaction of these devices with each other. For something this eventually wants to come Google, just everything will be even steeper.

Source: iGuides

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