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Smartphone Batteries Will Very Soon Be Explosion-Proof



Smartphone Batteries Will Very Soon Be Explosion-Proof

Exploding Galaxy Note 7 was among the top most talked about thing of the last year. The Li-ion battery used in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had some designing defect which was the reason behind its explosion in every such reported case. This forced Samsung to issue a worldwide recall of every piece of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and put the future of the whole Note series in jeopardy. The loss suffered by Samsung ranges from a steep fall in its shares prices to fall in market share and an overall operating profit. Samsung has already ordered a detailed probe into the matter and is expected to release it by January 23. This feat of Samsung led other smartphone manufacturers to ensure additional security features to their batteries. Also, to make the world safer, researchers at Stanford University have developed a new battery that has a built-in fire extinguishing material to prevent it from exploding in case it gets overheated.

A battery is really a bomb that releases its energy in a controlled way” says Qichao Hu, a former researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and founder of SolidEnergy Systems, a battery startup.

This new prototype contains the same Lithium-ion compound along with capsules of TPP (triphenyl phosphate) submerged in the battery’s electrolyte fluid. Whenever the battery gets overheated (above 150-degree celsius) the outer covering of the TPP capsule starts melting causing it to release a flood of TPP which acts as fire deterrent. The unique thing about TPP is that it can cool a 150-degree celsius hot battery in just 0.4 seconds.

1-12-750x500 Smartphone Batteries Will Very Soon Be Explosion-Proof

“During thermal runaway of the lithium-ion battery, the protective polymer shell would melt, triggered by the increased temperature, and the flame retardant would be released, thus effectively suppressing the combustion of the highly flammable electrolytes” the research published on Science Advances said.

Further explaining the research a Reuters report told that the market for smartphone batteries have grown from a few hundred million li-ion based batteries in 2000 to over 8 billion batteries last year. This huge demand for Lithium based batteries calls for added safety mechanisms but that would raise the overall cost of smartphones.

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Source: Science Advances  Via NewAtlas

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