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How To Send GIFs via WhatsApp ?


How To Send GIFs via WhatsApp ?

The popular messaging platform now supports GIFs, even wondered you can’t send gif’s via WhatsApp ? . Here’s how you can do that

Everyone now used messaging apps for their daily communication, earlier people use to send SMS, but now things are changed and with use of Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat and many other popular messaging app you can interact with others in more integrative way.

But in any event, GIFs appeared in WhatsApp, that’s what counts! How would but enter in your messages? At first you should make sure that you have the latest version of the app on your device.

WhatsApp_Logo_1 How To Send GIFs via WhatsApp ?

How To Send Gif’s via WhatsApp

  1. Open WhatsApp Messaging App
  2. To send a message as GIF, you press the “+” bottom left, next to the text input field in a conversation.
  3. In the pop-up menu select Photography & Video Library” to find yourself in your photo library.
  4. Watch again the lower left corner and you will see that most writes GIF” .
  5. Click there and you will be redirected to the gallery GIPHY, from where you can select the desired GIFs there and search function.

whats-app-gifs How To Send GIFs via WhatsApp ?

How To send Videos as Gif’s in WhatsApp ?

Now, if you want to send your video saved as GIF, although it is possible, just the duration should not exceed “6 seconds” . How do you do? In the same manner described immediately before, but instead go to the GIPHY library will search for the video you want on your own!

Once selected, you will increase or decrease the duration of teasing the horizontal bar (timeline type) will appear on your screen. If the video based on the new, end of term, can be sent as GIF, you will see the indication of this on the right , otherwise the other person will take it as a video. In any case, once you have finished with the … Crafts, press the blue button bottom right.

GIF can also send through WhatsApp and the traditional method of copy /paste . You saw, surfing, something that you liked a lot? Click on it and hold, select the “copy” from the menu that appears and simply a “paste” in WhatsApp! Note only that you do not have the ability to save a GIF locally on your iPhone.

How To Send GIFs from Tumblr to WhatsApp :

animated-GIF-to-Your-Contacts How To Send GIFs via WhatsApp ?

Tumblr is microblogging site, mainly best destination for  jokes, quotes, GIFs and photos. The best way to send GIF’s via WhatsApp is from Tumblr app, you can download it for iOS devices and register yourself. After registration start following best blogs that you want to see.

Here’s a simple way to send GIFs directly to WhatsApp via Tumblr App, follow these steps. Download Tumblr app from the link below,

chart?cht=qr& How To Send GIFs via WhatsApp ?
175x175bb How To Send GIFs via WhatsApp ?
Developer: Yahoo
Price: Free
  1.  Open Tumblr App on your iPhone. Register yourself and login ! Send-Gifs-via-WhatsApp_01 How To Send GIFs via WhatsApp ?
  2. After opening, you need to follow microblogs that usually post GIF’s, So i am doing a search “Funny Gifs” and following some of them as shown in the screenshot. So when you hit “Search” you will find GIFs on your screen, select which you need to send to your whatsapp friends / group. Send-Gifs-via-WhatsApp_02 How To Send GIFs via WhatsApp ?
  3. When u have selected the GIF, just hold that for few seconds, you will get the share / save options as in the screenshot, select WhatsApp for the menu. Send-Gifs-via-WhatsApp_03 How To Send GIFs via WhatsApp ?
  4. After hitting whatsapp button, you will get options to whom you want to send ( 1st select group and contacts you need to send that GIF, then 2nd hit send button ) Send-Gifs-via-WhatsApp_04 How To Send GIFs via WhatsApp ?
  5. You just need to hit “Send” button as the GIF is loaded and ready to send to the selected contacts / group. You can also add caption to the selected GIF. Send-Gifs-via-WhatsApp_05 How To Send GIFs via WhatsApp ?
  6. Wow, now its send and you can check the group / contact, you have successfully sent an animated GIF via WhatsApp using Tumblr app.

As we have said above concerning WhatsApp on iOS. The function is expected to immediately makes its appearance in Android and in what has to do with the web version of the platform, the web is WhatsApp, while able to read GIFs but not send.

You can also save GIFs in your photo library, and send it later. If you have any further questions, you can comment and ask !

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