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Samsung’s new Voice Assistant, Bixby photos Leaked


Samsung’s new Voice Assistant, Bixby photos Leaked

Earlier iPhone and now Samsung is ready to rock the mobile world with Voice Assistant. We are not sure of the fact; however, the leaked photos confirm so. Let us know more about it.

Samsung’s new Voice Assistant, Bixby photos Leaked:

Speculations have already started to build up, as the latest smartphones from two big giants Apple and Samsung are rolling the market. iPhone 7 and 7 plus are the new machines from Apple and Samsung S7 to go toe to toe with the competition.

Sources have confirmed that Samsung is working on a whole new level of technology and S8 will have an advanced virtual assistant. Based on Artificial Intelligence, it is one of the premium technology that we always dream to be a part of.

Samsung’s new Voice Assistant

Samsung developers are working on the personal virtual assistant, which will be patent to Samsung phones. Bixby will be your companion with your new Samsung S8. Intentionally or not, but the news was spread like fire in the forest. They have also added this on the official website of Samsung but it was removed straight away. There are two personal voice assistants in the market which are owned by Apple and Google. Samsung’s Bixby is the latest innovation and has the capability to do more. It has a special feature to pay online with Mini Pay Online service.

Before the page was removed from the official website, some users managed to grab some pictures. Here is the leaked image of Samsung Bixby.

Bixby-Body Samsung’s new Voice Assistant, Bixby photos Leaked

Online shopping and payments are the new trends, as they are more convenient. Samsung is also working on Samsung pay option. Again, it will be patent to Samsung devices which will have a strip down version, which will give you three sub-options to choose from. Earlier reports claimed about the development by Samsung. The strip-down version will have Bixby to help you through the payment, Mini Pay, and regular way of payment.

Bixby will link your accounts and once they will be linked, it will be a lot easier for sending and receiving the money. The software will be available in two variants: male and Female.

This new assistant is believed to be launched with the upcoming Samsung smartphone S8. The launch is scheduled in April 2017 across the globe. After the launch, Samsung is planning to update all other devices with Bixby which are compatible. Bixby will be the straight competition to Siri, which is available on the market since 2011.

Source: BGR

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