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Samsung and Huawei fingerprint reader can be easily hacked [ iPhone you can’t]


Samsung and Huawei fingerprint reader can be easily hacked [ iPhone you can’t]

When Apple introduced the iPhone 5s, in 2013 it featured fingerprint reader built into the home button. Some might have trust the reader, but for the vast majority wanted to experience whether it is able to unlock the phone using only his imprint, knowing that there is maximum security.

After Apple, Other manufacturers, could not be left behind, so they started with their best phones to offer the reader as well. Today almost every flagship smartphone has it.

But Apple has one incredible advantage, it is a Custom fingerprint reader implemented with most patents, mainly due to various acquisitions. This does not mean that the Touch ID reader was faster than the competition, but it is safer and it significantly confirmed by the latest attempt at Michigan State University..

Researchers eventually managed to print via common printer only with a special ink that modified so as to be conductive. Imprint, then print them on paper enclosing the card, and after several attempts managed. The phone, which was the Samsung Galaxy S6, actually managed to unlock.

The same procedure is then able to repeat them on the phone Honor 7 from the Chinese giant Huawei. iPhone also subjected to the test, but Touch ID, they did not break. Likewise, they failed to break the reader in some other phones.


Authentication using fingerprint with smartphone is not safe. It is easily exploitable and your phone can be reached. It does not matter whether it is a Samsung, Huawei or even Apple.

In the past several managed to break even Touch ID, even if the second-generation iPhone 6s far not yet. Code but will always be safer.

Source:  The Guardian

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