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Samsung agreed to pay the $ 548 million to Apple


Samsung agreed to pay the $ 548 million to Apple

After years of litigation and judgments, Samsung has finally agreed to pay the $ 548 million that was supposed to Apple for violating patents related to the design of the iPhone.

samsung_will_pay_copyright_infrignment__thumb Samsung agreed to pay the $ 548 million to Apple

Samsung has officially announced that it has reached an agreement with Apple, and soon will complete the payment of $ 548,176,477 due. This sum will be paid to Apple within 10 days of the invoice. Until yesterday, there were many doubts about reaching agreement, as some executives Samsung wanted to continue the legal battle presenting a further appeal. Eventually, though, he won the softer line, which finally put an end to this legal battle that has lasted years.

If you thought this was all over, though… well, let’s just say that you’re a bit naive. Samsung notes that it:

“[C]ontinues to reserve all rights to obtain reimbursement from Apple and/or payment by Apple of all amounts required to be paid as taxes. […] Samsung further reserves all rights to reclaim or obtain reimbursement of any judgment amounts paid by Samsung to any entity in the event the partial judgment is reversed, modified, vacated or set aside on appeal or otherwise, including as a result of any proceedings before the USPTO addressing the patents at issue or as a result of any petition for writ of certiorari filed with the Supreme Court. Samsung notes that the Patent Trial and Appeal Board has issued a final decision of invalidity on the ‘915 Patent, and Apple filed a notice of appeal to the Federal Circuit in the USPTO last week.”

Between the two companies we are still in dance other two causes, which should be completed in the coming months.

Source: FOSSpatents

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