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What are the safest communication applications?

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What are the safest communication applications?

Everyone lies, the messaging has come for good in our lives. Much of our everyday communication is now via chatting, either it may be smartphone, either Tablet or laptop, or even console joystick! Modern man has become accustomed to the good of services a few years ago was “Youth and sophisticated” leading mothers to remind their kids to take care with the help of Viber, husbands communicate each one another by WhatsApp and grandparents to see their grandchildren thanks to Skype.

All good with this, but ever wondered how safe are our conversations through all these platforms are? Remember what was done years ago with Snapchat say that it claimed to have deleted the photos sent by users so that they feel safe, right? The AI then, thoroughly examined the conditions of use and operation of the top communications applications and classified them into three categories according to their policy as to encrypt data.

Recall that if the sending information about encryption , this means that even if someone inserted between sender and recipient will not be able to know the nature of the data being transmitted at least not easily.

safest_communication What are the safest communication applications?

What are the safest communication applications?

Again, according to Amnesty International, the company with the highest score (relates to all of the apps) on the encryption and security during data transfer, is Facebook with a rating of 73% with Apple and Telegram follow with67% . Impressive security is perfectly won by Tencent , which, fortunately is very popular in China and only with WeChat and QQ unfortunately however, the first is an example for many western companies.

Which apps but can not have, in conclusion our peace of mind? Luckily here the situation is very specific. As Facebook, as though the curse half the planet (the other half, you see, using it) has done a good job and, for that matter, with 2 billion. Users in Messenger and WhatsApp , do not take do anyway . The second even warns you when the encryption from end to end (end-to-end) is not enabled on a conversation, unlike the first one does not default the relevant operation.

In the same, top class with WhatsApp is both apps to Apple, iMessage and Facetime : the company from Cupertino is also known for the confidentiality of user data, even when the same FBI asks her to violate ! The only flaw of the platforms, the fact that the holder of a idevice not clearly informed about when the information is encrypted and when not (eg if you send a text message to the owner of an Android or Windows smartphone).

In terms of the Google Now, the least popular app of the Duo , is safer, as it offers the outset encryption of user data. The Allo recently introduced features while the relative possibility but will require the user to arrange for its activation while Hangouts that so many people use (?) Does not know anything about the murder so the messaging, chat and users’ videos to freely without any safety net!

whatsapp_encryption_1_new What are the safest communication applications?

As regards the other far, Viber while offering encryption data sent but users without any information about the nature of the Skype based on out-dated standards (jammed it in a series of scandals monitoring worldwide) while the Snapchatah this Snapchat! Neither data encryption uses, and the fact that deletes (?) the fotochatting user gives the last one a false sense of security that basically is rather lacking. So if your communications contain sensitive personal data suspect hacker’s world and will do everything possible to gain access to them, you might want to avoid the application of the current paragraph. You never know what can happen.

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