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Rumors: Apple is interested in buying a Formula 1


Rumors: Apple is interested in buying a Formula 1

gepa_full_1363_gepa-11051499007 Rumors: Apple is interested in buying a Formula 1

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Reported by one of the most authoritative automotive bloggers, Apple is considering the purchase of the largest automobile race – F1. It sounds incredible, but the reasons for such a large-scale acquisition really is – first of all it is connected with the possible launch of Apple Car in the next 5 years.

His information about a possible deal shared blogger Joe Seward. According to him, the sale of F1 is very likely – because the car lot looking for a new owner since 2015 and even its own price tag of $ 8.5 billion for the company, which has spent billions of dollars to buy back shares and the distribution of dividends, this amount is not burdensome.

Previously considered a likely buyer of the Middle East investment consortium, the leading role in which the owners are Qatari football club Paris Saint-German. However, judging by protracted negotiations, the trade broke another player – and the blogger believes that this is Apple.

maxresdefault9-1024x683 Rumors: Apple is interested in buying a Formula 1

According to him, for a company such uncharacteristic absorption, because it prefers to invest a much smaller amounts in promising startups. But the world is changing, then the impending deal could set a new trend. Why buy a technology company competition cars? The answer lies in the development of the project Apple Car, better known in the press as a Titan.

Seward claims that the company is very interested in creating a consumer car, but the current development of the market it does not suit. Therefore, she wants to get their hands on the world’s largest automotive technology research polygon. Along with the purchase of F1 company will receive direct access to the leading engineering team Ferrari, McLaren and the other teams that in the future will facilitate the conclusion of partnership agreements. Moreover, expensive purchase will open access to another promising series – Formula E. This class racing on electric vehicles. Among the main partners – McLaren as a supplier of electric motors, transmissions and control units; Williams – supplier of compact batteries weighing up to 300 kg, Dallara – produces lightweight and robust chassis.

Good technology pool for the preparation of the revolution in the market of electric cars and competition, such as Tesla – on which the purchase is also rumored. According to automotive blogger, CEO of Formula E is a big fan of Apple and will be happy to such cooperation.

JAGUAR_FORMULA_E_03-932x524 Rumors: Apple is interested in buying a Formula 1

The car Formula E

This absorption is, and media side. F1 can be used as a powerful advertising platform for Apple Car. Exclusives may become entitled to broadcast the races, which will limit the viewing ecosystem Apple devices or proprietary set-top box. However, to confirm these assumptions can not be, because no official comment on this point.

Source : Joesaward

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