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Review: Angry Birds 2 iOS Game


Review: Angry Birds 2 iOS Game

As everyone have seen and been downloaded million times in the past, I have no real problem with the original Angry Birds and the initial string of sequels.

But with Angry Birds 2, the thirteenth game in the franchise since 2009, there’s a clear regression in many ways, despite the impressive art upgrade.

Angry Birds 2 is the latest release from Rovio’s and what might see huge success and reaching the 4-billion milestone. In this, the new game bets on classic slingshot action – something we’re all familiar with – but spices things up quite a bit with larger levels, vastly improved graphics, spells, challenges, and boss battles, all with a dash of… in-game purchases. Yeah. But we’ll talk about that part later. Let’s first focus on the good stuff in Angry Birds 2.

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Price: Free+

Angry Birds 2 (Android, iOS [reviewed on an iPhone 6])
Developer: Rovio Entertainment
Rovio Entertainment
Release Date: July 30, 2015
MSRP: Free-to-play

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So, what’s new in Angry Birds 2?

Quite a bit, actually. One of our favorite additions brought by Angry Birds 2 is that stages now consist of multiple screens, which you must clear one by one. What’s more, pigs’ forts appear in different order each time you retry a stage. These two gameplay tweaks add a welcome dose of challenge and variety to the game. But that’s far from all.

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Advertisements, lives, and in-app purchases

Of course, Rovio needs to pay wages to its employees. That’s why while the game itself is free to play, it also features an in-game currency called gems. These can be obtained by completing challenges, by receiving daily rewards, or, of course, by paying for it with real money.


At the end of the day, Angry Birds 2 is a fresh new take on the original’s slingshot action formula. The game has remained pretty much the same at its core, but it has been vastly improved in terms of gameplay, graphics, and variety. It is cute, amusing, addicting, and totally worth trying, especially at its zero price.

so what are you waiting for just download it and play this awesome game.

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