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How to reset AirPods and solve the problem of battery life


How to reset AirPods and solve the problem of battery life

Apple’s new wireless headphones “Airpods” began selling before Christmas. Beginning about a week, there has been a discussion about the new “AirPods” which dealt with the fairly serious problem. Some AirPods owners have discovered that their headphones un-naturally began draining the battery quickly. It is not clear how many users experiences with this issues with new headsets, but judging from the response on social media sites we can say the number was big.


ios10-iphone7-airpod-case-on-screen-charge-status How to reset AirPods and solve the problem of battery life
AirPods are in great demand, and Apple has to increase the production. No one knows whether it is only a software error or bad state of the battery or an in pouch problem. Users on Reddit found the solution that most of them helped. So it’s you have to reset and re-pair the AirPods with the iPhone, it will solve the problem of battery draining issue in AirPods.

After these steps, the users reportedly returned to relatively normal headphones and play with the box lasted approximately 24 hours, as reported by Apple.

How to reset AirPods

  1. Open the box to see the little LED in the middle.
  2. On the back of the box, press and hold the button for about 15 seconds. airpods-setup How to reset AirPods and solve the problem of battery life
  3. During that LED watch in a box. After a while, a couple should blink yellow and then start flashing again white.
  4. At this point, headphones and reset the “forgotten” all paired devices. For this reason, you have to pair it again.

How AirPods pair with compatible devices from Apple

  1. Open the box AirPods when the LED flashes white.
  2. Zoom with it to the device.
  3. Wait until the device pops up on-screen pairing.
  4. Click Connect.

It remains only to check in a few hours, as the wireless headset will hold a charge. It is possible that some bug in iOS can also be the cause of incorrect operation AirPods in the background and the rapid discharge of the battery. Then you have to wait for an update from Apple

After a reset, however, many users have already fixed the rapid discharge issue. If you still persist and reset does not work, he does nothing else than to complain headphones.

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