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How to remove an extension from Safari


How to remove an extension from Safari

Apple browser for Mac can not boast the same number of extensions, as well as its competitors – Chrome or Firefox. But the developers do not bypass his side, so after prolonged use of the web viewer can seriously will spam extensions that have lost their relevance and efficiency.Tells how to get rid of them. 

The first way – the easiest, most affordable and most often works flawlessly. In the setting of Safari, which are activated in the status bar or by using the shortcuts Command +,  you must choose a section  Extensions.  It was there, and keeps a list of all installed extensions in Safari. Typically, you can remove them by clicking the corresponding button in the lower right corner.

Screen-Shot-2016-11-18-at-12.29.54-AM How to remove an extension from Safari

But sometimes, because of the incompatibility of versions or any software errors, this method does not work – or simply an extension does not appear in the list, while continuing to work, or simply refuses to leave. Then come to the rescue of the second method. To use it, you need to shut down Safari, open the Finder, and then use the keyboard shortcut  Command + Shift + G –  it allows you to manually enter the path to the folder. Insert the following:


After the transition to this folder before you will be a list of files in the extension .safariextz, in which “packed” browser extensions. Remove them is not difficult.

Screen-Shot-2016-11-18-at-12.33.59-AM-750x425 How to remove an extension from Safari

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