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Reasons why you should switch to iOS, know more

Reasons why you should switch to iOS, know more


Reasons why you should switch to iOS, know more

People are yet to explore the advantages of iOS over Android Operating system. Here’s why you should consider the switch to iOS.

Reasons why you should switch to iOS, know more:

Reasons why you should switch to iOS, know more. Android and iOS operating platforms are the lone and most selling operating systems in the current market. Symbian is outdated. Every year we wait for the October month for the launch of Apple devices. Apple has launched two new mean machines in the market Apple iPhone 7 and 7 plus. These phones have Dual high-performance camera, an addition to waterproof devices, Vibrant colors and latest iOS 10 version. It has iOS 10 chip.

Android vs iOS

Android has a huge market if we talk about the active Android users but with the launch of New iOS devices, they are kind of changing their preferences. Earlier an Android user by the nickname Pwnedkiller informed, “They need a regular update with the upcoming applications and where the update will change the performance of the device and can resolve the issues”. The owner of Samsung Galaxy smartphone has now got a new iPhone 7 plus with 128 GB of storage.

Body-iOS-1-750x500 Reasons why you should switch to iOS, know more

iOS 10, the most updated and user-friendly operating system

Apple released the new iOS 10 in the month of October with new iPhones. We are running in February and Apple has already released the new version 10.2 with all the new updates. They are also working on version 10.2.1 which will be released by next month on beta. Nexus is the smartphone which is owned and developed by Google and some random Nexus user who had Nexus 4,7 and 7 LTE had to wait for like a year to the latest operating system 7.1.1, which was released last week and has not received and OTA update. All the development is taken care by google but still they are lagging, and sure there is some problem that they need to take care of.

It is not a justice if we compare Android and iOS devices. They both have their specialized areas, as Android comes with large screen size when compared to Apple. Android is packed with big screens, bigger RAM’s, more storage, big Mah batteries, and developers need to do a lot for the optimization of operating system and applications.

Body-ios-2-750x500 Reasons why you should switch to iOS, know more

Apple devices are highly optimized to run any official application or software and the difference can be seen and felt by using one. They are way ahead when we talk about the performance and ease that they provide to the users.

PM_ME another Android user tagged Samsung as The Devil’s Samsung. The Operating system and the software are awful and they need to wait for an eternity to update their phones. With the introduction of Touch ID technology, Thanks to Apple, Android phones have adopted the change. There is no comparison with the stability and response of Apple Touchpad with other devices.

Reports confirmed that the Apple devices use less battery power than Android devices. One user claimed to have spent 8.5 hours of continuous work on iPhone 7 with a full charge. At the end, the remaining battery was 60% compared to Samsung Galaxy S7, which was left with 20% of power with the same amount of work done. This is also one of the reasons why iOS devices attracting more Android users.

Interface and the simplicity that iOS devices deliver to the users are also the reason for the switch. Android users have no limitations when compared to iOS users. They can download any launcher, any theme of their choice, free download of unlimited songs, which is like a freedom from point of iOS user. But the question is for How Long??? Many Android users have done all these but now they need a powerful device in which they get latest updates in short period. They want to use the same device which can be used for both work and leisure without any glitches and freeze problems. They want to use a simple but most updated device.

And I think iOS device is the Answers for your questions and problems.

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