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The protective glass Gorilla Glass 5 is too easily scratched [video]


The protective glass Gorilla Glass 5 is too easily scratched [video]

A month ago, a leading manufacturer of protective glass Corning introduced a new generation of its protectors Gorilla Glass 5 . The main feature of glass, in addition to the improved performance of hardness, has become resistant to damage if dropped. During the test, the test specimen withstand a drop of 1.6 meters.

One of the first mobile devices that have received Gorilla Glass 5, we presented earlier this month smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 .

The blogger with the channel JerryRigEverything decided to check how Gorilla Glass 5 Corning stated information is true and established its own test of strength on Galaxy Note 7 of the screen.

On the smartphone by roller pasted paper strip with the numbering from 2 to 9. Each value corresponds to the scale of hardness on the scale. Physical characteristics of the material, depending on the hardness

Corning promises that they can damage the glass only when subjected to an abrasive surface with a hardness of 5-6 units. In fact, everything is much worse.

Armed with a set of center punches, the author found that the screen Galaxy Note 7 is easily scratched at … abrasive hardness of 3 units (at a value of 2 units of material is easily scratched with a fingernail). Those. effortlessly protected glass Gorilla Glass screen 5 may be scratched copper plate.

CorningGlass5In1-750x357 The protective glass Gorilla Glass 5 is too easily scratched [video]

The conclusion: Gorilla Glass 5 much worse protects the screen from scratches, the glass than the previous generation. Installed in Galaxy Note 5, the S7 and iPhone 6s glass is much stronger than that which defended the new flagship of Samsung.

And so the new glass reacts to the fall:

Flat on the concrete, and no mesh or visible damage!

After the test there was seen a certain excitement – not whether Apple will dare set Gorilla Glass iPhone 5 to 7? Protection from falling into the fifth generation glass from Corning really works fine, but scratch …

Source [ the GSMA ]

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