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Pokemon Go: the best tweaks, cheats and tips [all you need to know]

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Pokemon Go: the best tweaks, cheats and tips [all you need to know]

A week after the release of Pokemon Go has become the most popular game of the United States, increasing the Nintendo’s capitalization twice. The game is built on the Unity 3D with elements of augmented reality in a short time has attracted millions of gamers around the world.

And while many of the latter-day players do an excellent job, technohacker decided to release a small collection of cheats and tips that will help make the game more exciting.

When you first hear about Pokemon Go, wish to download the game for iOS.


If you want to play Pokemon Go on a jailbroken device, you probably will be disappointed to learn that, like many other applications, the new device is able to detect hacked. Fortunately, with the help tweak PokePatch can bypass checking for jailbreaking. The superstructure can be downloaded from the repository developer ( link )


If you like the game, but you do not want to move in reality to search for Pokemon, then tweak PokemonGoAnywhere for you. It allows you to navigate through the game space simple tapping on the location on the screen. But there is always a risk of being banned by Nintendo, but there have not been any reports so far about users being banned for using this tweak, so you are safe for now

poke-tweak-3 Pokemon Go: the best tweaks, cheats and tips [all you need to know]

In the future, the developers promise to add PokemonGoAnywhere opportunities. Tweek is available for free download in the repository  here — > repo .


Tweek FlappyGo allows “kill” time in the game Flappy Birds, from the comfort of Pokémon Go. This is to ensure that users do not get bored when the game servers are overloaded because of the huge number of players. Download tweak can be from a single repository Developer: repo .

#Pokemon Lock

If you are ready to turn off the password to unlock the iPhone and is constantly charging the battery, with tweaks Pokemon Lock can play Pokémon Go directly to lokskrine. Note that this only works with disabled password.

poke-tweak-4 Pokemon Go: the best tweaks, cheats and tips [all you need to know]

Pokemon Lock is available in the repository Developer: repo.

#Pokémon Go Battery Saver

Pokémon Go – it’s not just a game, is a game that constantly uses the device’s camera and GPS for location tracking in real-time. Of course, all this has a negative impact on the autonomy of the device. Enabling power saving mode in the settings of the game will extend the battery life. It does not restrict any game function, but just off the backlight when you turn the device. To activate, click on the Battery Saver Poke bol on the main game screen, go to Settings and tick the item “Battery Saver“,

It’s better to read this :

poke-tweak-2-600x530 Pokemon Go: the best tweaks, cheats and tips [all you need to know]

Pokemon Go motivated to go out and visit PokeStop for free items and XP portions. And although they quite quickly (every 5 minutes) are recharged, what’s the point stuck in one place? If you want to take everything from life, before the walk, plan your campaign so that the hook several PokeStopov. By the way, the other coaches usually leave around them bait for Pokemon. Places with lures can be found on the effects of pink on the map.

Source: iPhoneHacks

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