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‘Pokémon GO’: Pokévision Alternatives That Won’t Get You Banned


‘Pokémon GO’: Pokévision Alternatives That Won’t Get You Banned

Pokemon Go is the most popular game launched by Niantic, in less than two months it became the most popular game in the world, even it has broken many records. The mobile game sensation “Pokémon GO” is still going strong, but some people are still struggling to catch them all.

With the state of the in-game tracker right now, it’s currently unreliable, and people are now turning to various apps and web trackers to find where the critters are.

Unfortunately, the most reliable “Pokémon GO” tracker app out there, Pokévision, was given the ban hammer by Niantic Labs, as well as a lot more third-party trackers. People are now looking for alternatives for the once popular tracking app.

Here are some good alternatives for Pokévision.

pokemon-go_1-750x500 'Pokémon GO': Pokévision Alternatives That Won't Get You Banned

NEW YORK, NY – JULY 25: Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City on July 25, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

#1. Pokémesh

Pokémesh is one of the best app-based trackers right now. The developer of the app has recently updated the app with a patch that will ensure no bans from Niantic Labs, according to a post on its Facebook page.

“I’ve just [completed] a patch that will prevent this (still not sure it will 100 percent works) and I’m working with the devs of other apps to reach the score,” the Pokémesh developer said.

Of course, as it is still not a guarantee that your accounts will not get banned by Niantic, the developer of Pokémesh suggests that players use a dummy account instead of their main accounts to use the app, just in case.

“You can’t blame us nor any developers of other apps if you can’t read what we wrote on every single page of the app in which we invite you to use dummy accounts,” the developer said.

Currently, some people are still using the app without getting banned. You can download the app on the Pokémesh website.

#2. Skipplagged (Update)

We have already included Skiplagged’s Pokémon Radar System in the previous article, but this is to give an update about it. According to SlashGear, despite other similar sites getting banned, Skiplagged’s map is still active.

This site is originally a travel website that gives out information about money-saving flights and hotels, and now they have a dedicated Pokémon map incorporated in their site. Head on to this link to check it out for yourself.

#3. Pokéfast

Pokéfast is another app that claims you would not get banned while using it. According to the developer, the app does not use the “Pokémon GO” API nor does any unauthorized requests from Niantic Lab’s servers, hence keeping your account safe.

Pokéfast can be downloaded at, and you can even follow the developer on Twitter.

#4. Pokeradar

One of the safest bets for Pokétracking at the moment is relying on crowdsourced tracker maps such as the popular Poké Radar, billed as “built by Pokémon GO enthusiasts for Pokémon GO enthusiasts.”

Apart from the web version, Poké Radar is available on Android and iOS as well, although as of this writing, the Google Play link is not working, at least for us.

#5 PokeCrew :

PokéCrew is also another nice alternative to Pokévision. You can filter the specific Pokémon you want to get, and it will show on the map.

#6. SkipLagged :

Another Pokévision replacement is SkipLagged. This site is originally a travel website that gives out information about money-saving flights and hotels, and now it will also help you nab that elusive Snorlax.

#7. Pokenest:

Pokénest is also another good tracker to use. It shows you where the “nests” are, or where Pokémon commonly spawn. It is not a real-time tracker per se, but a useful tool nonetheless. You can check it out here.

Remember that Niantic is now permanently banning people who are using third-party apps for “Pokémon GO,” so it’s best to tread lightly and be careful of any apps you download, especially those which spoof GPS and those who has access to Niantic’s servers, like Pokévision. Stay tuned for more “Pokémon GO” tips here.

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