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PlayStation 4 Hacked [Video]


PlayStation 4 Hacked [Video]

The notorious hacking group Fail0verflow has demonstrated what appears to be the world’s first low-level hack of the PlayStation 4. As well as bypassing the console’s security measures, Fail0verflow has also managed to write a custom version of Linux for the console, and has made the PS4 Linux port publicly available on its website. A video demonstration of the hack also shows the PS4 playing what appears to be a modded version of Pokemon Emerald, renamed as “Pokemon PlayStation Version.”

Fail0verflow is looking to release custom bootstrap code to get Linux running on the PS4, but is stopping short of releasing the actual exploit that gains low-level access to the hardware. “Bring your own exploit,” the team says. “PS4 security is crappy enough that you don’t need us for that.”

The video gives away few hints about how this is actually done, but it does show Linux booting via the PlayStation 4’s browser – and this in turn reveals that a keyboard is connected (which is promptly disconnected as the OS loads). Looking back at last month’s exploit, it seems that gaining low-level access to the PlayStation 4 via its browser seems to be a common theme

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