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Why People are switching from Android to the iOS ?


Why People are switching from Android to the iOS ?

Many users who have switched from Android to iOS (or rather, with the Samsung Galaxy line to the iPhone), prefer to remain on the devices from Apple.  iMore conducted a survey among the so-called “switchers” to find out why the former Android users have opted for the Apple operating system.

Particularly after Samsung Galaxy Note 7 blast ( battery blasting ) people want to change and have opted for iPhone 7 for many logical reasons, despite there are more hardware manufacturers of Android smartphones.

iphone-7-note-7-3 Why People are switching from Android to the iOS ?

Here are some really logical reasons why people are shifting from Android to iOS :

  • The combination of software and “hardware” – this is the advantage of Apple. Since the company manufactures its own products, developers create a near perfect symbiosis of software and components.
  • The Android-environment is very large scatter screens and “hardware”, so in order to make the operating system and applications run faster and “smooth”, developers have to use a much more powerful “stuffing” than from Apple, leveling the difference in the devices.
  • Some users report that Apple devices consume less battery power. For example, according to the observations of one of the respondents, 8.5 hours of active use 60% of the charge has been spent on the iPhone 7 – on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for the same period was 20%. Autonomy – one of the main aspects mentioned by almost everyone who switched from Android to iPhone.
  • Users also pay attention to the ecosystem as a whole. Thanks to the “cloud” device synchronization, and Continuity functions and Hand-off, you can work on all the connected devices to the Apple ID and synchronize data with each other. And receive calls on the MacBook (about users mentioned repeatedly), type texts and store data.
  • By the way, the security in iOS is celebrated by almost all – remember that thanks to the latest innovations, to fully enjoy the iPhone can only someone who knows the password from Apple ID, and if not, a smartphone can become a useless “brick”, which can only be sold for parts.

iphone-7-note-7-2 Why People are switching from Android to the iOS ?

  • Thanks to the Find my iPhone, you can lock the phone connected to the Internet, check its location, put a password, and even erase data if the attacker tries to use your device.
  • The latest device from Apple can is water resistance, which is another factor for users to buy latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Also, many referred to the simplicity and ease of use – even children, who saw for the first time of iOS, five minutes is perfectly oriented to the menu and find the desired program, which is not true of Android. In terms of usability iPhone is much more convenient and easier to understand than a smartphone on Android, and the applications are executed in most cases, much more beautiful than those of competitors.
  • Of course, to compare operating systems and devices can be competitors to infinity, and ecosystem choice – it is subjective, but in this case we decided to share the comments of those who had used Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but due to problems with the smartphone went on the iPhone.

We believe that the advice and feedback from users is to listen – Tim Cook recently said that the number of “switchers” this year reached a record high, which confirms the above.

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