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NVIDIA SHIELD 2nd Gen Coming Our Way This CES 2017


NVIDIA SHIELD 2nd Gen Coming Our Way This CES 2017

Android becoming an ever invasive technology is old news. Smartphones, which were believed to be Android technology’s only forte are now described as one of Android’s many offerings. Although the Android TVs’ foothold was never too strong in the market, the companies, however, seem to be rather unfazed by this fact. What was earlier reported by our sources has recently been confirmed that there is, indeed, a NVIDIA SHIELD 2nd gen coming our way this CES 2017. Wait, actually, there’s two of them, and if the latest tip off also proves just as accurate, this will come with a slightly redesigned game controller.

Android TVs haven’t been doing a lot of rounds in the news department, however, the development work can be seen, constantly ticking away in the background in the form of affordable set-top boxes or even full blown SMART TVs. It has been quite a while since Nvidia released its first SHIELD TV box, but that’s mainly because the company’s been doing a fine job of keeping it up to date with Android patches and bug fixes.

nvidia-shield NVIDIA SHIELD 2nd Gen Coming Our Way This CES 2017

Details about the new SHIELD TVs are still to confirmed, however, the biggest rumour of the lot is that the TV would come in two different sizes. Now while the previous version did differ in terms of configurations (one was 16 GB while the other was 500 GB), the physical size of both the modules was the same. The interior will most likely be powered by the Tegra X1 chip inside unless NVIDIA surprises us with a successor to that gaming-ready mobile processor. A modern Android TV device, in sync with this time of the release, will most probably sport 4K resolutions right out of the box, and HDR support is definitely within the realm of possibility.

Not much difference can be seen in the structure or design of the boxes. The same, however, cannot be said about the controllers which noticeably, sport a revamped look, covered in geometrical facets and sporting a sleek, classy finish. Conspicuously noticeable is the fact that NVIDIA has also dropped the touch sensitive area from the top.

The current gen NVIDIA SHIELD is marked out of stock on NVIDIA’s website as we write, giving weight to the conjecture that fresh blood is on the way. If there were any opportunity for that to happen, our bet would be on the CES 2017 next month.

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