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The owners of the new MacBook Pro reported serious problems with graphics [Video]

MacBook Pro

The owners of the new MacBook Pro reported serious problems with graphics [Video]

The new MacBook Pro from Apple are quite expensive. Who is behind the computer to spend such a high amount, one logically assumes that his machine will function perfectly. But Some owners of the new MacBook Pro reports that have problems with the graphics when playing videos.

It seems that the problems affect both the MacBook Pro with iGPU processor and a graphics card from AMD motherboard, which suggests that it probably will not strictly a hardware problem but rather a problem with the driver. The overwhelming majority are hit fifteen-inch laptops. Another identified common denominator among people who are faced with this problem is the use of software from Adobe when a problem occurs. These include Adobe Media Encoder or Lightroom.

At the moment it seems that the solution to the problem does not yet exist and the new MacBook Pro users have no way to deal with problems. It is also not clear whether these problems are the reason for a refund or replacement computers – affected users will have to individually check with your dealer. In any case, it is necessary to hope that Apple will be able to solve the problem as soon as possible and provide users with adequate explanations and solutions.

This month, Apple came up with a solution to the two most common, affecting series of iPhone. It was a problem of “Touch”, when the phone screen appear gray stripes and the screen stopped responding to touch, and also about problems with sudden unexpected shutdown phone. Neither the new MacBooks are not entirely without problems – users began reporting problems with gestures on the trackpad.


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