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How To Navigate On Twitter Like A Boss



How To Navigate On Twitter Like A Boss

While browsing Twitter on your desktop, you can drop your mouse altogether. As it turns out everyone’s favourite blue bird has keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts are so easy to use that they actually make mouse useless while using Twitter through desktop browsers.

One can get acquainted with these shortcuts by just pressing “?”, the following pop-up will display every shortcut that can be used to browse Twitter without using a mouse.

1.jpg How To Navigate On Twitter Like  A Boss

To compose a new Tweet – press “n” and then start typing as you would normally do.

To Tweet an already typed content- press CTRL+ Enter.

2.jpg-750x288 How To Navigate On Twitter Like  A Boss

Jump to different pages: 

The shortcuts for jumping to different frequently used pages or menu items are akin to Gmail’s keyboard shortcuts, i.e., one need to press “g”: followed by some different letter to jump from one page on Twitter to another, e.g.

To open notifications- “g” followed by “n”.

To see your own profile- “g” followed by “p”.

To see a different person’s profile- “g” followed by “u”, this will open a dialog box. Now, to open someone else’s profile type his/her name followed by ‘Enter‘.

3 How To Navigate On Twitter Like  A Boss

To head back to the home page-  “g” followed by “h”

Navigation Within tweets Through Shortcuts

To navigate from one tweet to another without scrolling down the mouse you need to press “j”, which will encircle the very first tweet on the timeline with a blue box. Now, that the first tweet is selected, you can navigate between tweets by pressing “j” to move further down and “k” to scroll up.

4 How To Navigate On Twitter Like  A Boss

Interacting Through Keyboard Shortcuts

If a tweet is already selected under a blue box then users can interact with such tweets with following keyboard shortcuts:

To reply to a tweet- “r”

To like a tweet- “l”

To Retweet a selected tweet- “t”

To mute a user- “m”

To block a user- “b”

To open an attached image- “o”

To view new tweets- “.”

Using keyboard shortcuts can be fun once you get familiar with all the shortcuts. To ease the trouble of remembering so many shortcuts, always remember, the list of shortcuts can be referred to anytime just by just pressing “?” on the keyboard.These are some really handy shortcuts and if you get habituated to using them you can save a great amount of time and Twitter can be much more fun without the mouse or trackpad on the PC.

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