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How To Lock Apps On Your Windows 10 PC

Windows 10


How To Lock Apps On Your Windows 10 PC

There are often moments when you’ve have to share your personal Windows PC with others and at times like these you just wish that you could lock up few of your apps or files. Sadly, the inbuilt app locking feature in Windows 10 is limited to the Windows Enterprise and Education versions.. So, how can you make your private files and apps inacessible to others? Well, it’s not a such an uphill task and can be easily done using some 3rd party Windows 10 apps like My Lockbox, Folder Guard, GiliSoft Exe Lock, etc.

In this particular article, I’ll show how you can lock any specific apps on your Windows 10 PC and make it safe from the prying apps using one of the abovementioned apps. I’m using My Lockbox in this tutorial, but you can use nay of these as all of them are equally efficient. Just follow these steps and you can lock any app on your Windows 10 PC:

STEP 1: Download My Lockbox from here and install it on your Windows 10 PC.

STEP 2: Open My Lockbox. It will ask you to set up a new password along with a password hint and an email id. Don’t forget to give your email id as you would only be able to recover your forgotten password through this email id.

1-3 How To Lock Apps On Your Windows 10 PC

STEP 3: For locking any app, choose the destination folder which contains the executable file of that app. In most cases, it is located in C:/Program Files or Program Files (x86). So just head over there and choose the destination folder of the app.

2-1-1 How To Lock Apps On Your Windows 10 PC 2-2 How To Lock Apps On Your Windows 10 PC

STEP 4: Locking the destination folder of any app will lock that app and if anyone would try to access the app, a message will be displayed saying that you don’t have appropriate permissions.

3-3 How To Lock Apps On Your Windows 10 PC

STEP 5: If you have to use the app, open My Lockbox with your password and then click the  “Unlock button”. You can then access that app.

4-1 How To Lock Apps On Your Windows 10 PC 5-1 How To Lock Apps On Your Windows 10 PC

My Lockbox is a very useful software and provides unmatched security. The other software listed above are equally good. Although, I must mention that these trial versions provide limited functionality and you may as well buy the premium version if you like the app. These software even require password before you can uninstall them, thus making them even more secure. So go ahead and install one of these to make your apps more private and secure from the prying eyes.


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