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Kim Kardashian launches Kimoji, broke App Store


Kim Kardashian launches Kimoji, broke App Store

Kim Kardashian to launch the Kimoji the App Store yesterday, heading giving users the ability to use a special series of emoji characters that were designed by the famous star and his team of application developers.

Kim-Kardashian-Kimoji-1_thumb Kim Kardashian launches Kimoji, broke App Store

Kimoji arrived very quickly among the most purchased applications from the App Store, although it costs $ 2 and Apple’s servers appear to have been assaulted by users, each 9,000 downloads being recorded every second at a given time,the Apple servers seemed to be overloaded, because App Store refused in those moments to allow further downloading the Kimoji.

Interesting fact is how much money did the app made in 2 days, If accounted 43200 ( seconds in a day ) x 9000 downloads per second x 2 days x $2.= $ Whooping it made $1555200000, in worst case if only 50% of people have bought the app, that will account to $ 777600000 ( Rs 500+ crores ) 

Kim Kardashian took advantage of the situation to apologizes on Twitter that blocked the App Store’s Apple, which is hard to prove and even assumed by someone. Despite this, it is amazing how similar applications fart app sites are still popular App Store, especially in the US, despite being sold for $ 2, an amount that can buy many other applications more Useful in this period.

If you are still out and send some kimoji to your friends in your chats, you can download it ..

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