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iPhone 8 will use Long Range Unique Wireless Charging Technology


iPhone 8 will use Long Range Unique Wireless Charging Technology

Energous wireless charging system could be ready in time for the iPhone 8

And has long been rumored that Apple is working to implement Long wireless charging  – range in a future iPhone’s, a theory that became stronger almost a year ago when we hear for the first time Energous and its unique technology WattUp, and the rumor that could have emerged associated with Apple. It was even published by MacRumors.

In case you do not remember, I refresh your memory: WattUp is a technology developed by Energous, which consists of a method of wireless charging that uses radio frequencies to charge devices at distances of up to 5 meters. Almost a year ago, we learned that Energous had made a deal with “one of the largest electronics companies in the world”. Of course, we never knew for sure what this company was, but the machinery of the rumors soon began to work, and then came to the conclusion that this company was, in all likelihood, Apple.

Now, Steve Rizzone, Energous CEO, spoke with The Verge, and said his WattUp technology is almost ready and probably will be sold before the end of 2017.

The truth is that the company had already said something similar during CES 2015, but Rizzone says his plans changed after signing an agreement with “a key strategic partner”, after the convention. With the new deal, Energous had to refocus its work to miniaturize the technology, in addition to giving its new partner exclusive rights to be the first to implement the technology in its products.

WattUp-wireless-technology iPhone 8 will use Long Range Unique Wireless Charging Technology

All signs seem to indicate that the “key” partner is Apple, and Rizzone has added fuel to the fire with their statements, telling The Verge that it is “one of the electronics companies largest consumer in the world” and That although he could not tell which company it was, he was convinced that most of us were carrying with us products of this company, or we had them on our desk at home.

Of course, there is no guarantee that Rizzone is talking about Apple, but there are already many rumors about it and, as they say, “when the river sounds water carries.” If in the end, all these speculations prove true,  it is very plausible that Energous technology is ready in time to be included in the iPhone in August.

After all, iPhones are among the few high-end smartphones that do not support wireless charging. This may seem strange to a company as innovative as Apple, but probably because, when Apple finally implements this charging system on its iPhones, it wants to do better than others, with a system that will be truly wireless, which will allow That our devices charge while we are using them normally, without having to put them on a load basis.

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Source: Forbes , ValueWalk

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