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iPhone 7 vs World’s Strongest Acid – The result will surprise you [Video]


iPhone 7 vs World’s Strongest Acid – The result will surprise you [Video]

If you own an iPhone 7, you won’t have to worry next time someone spills water on it at the dinner table. Apple’s newest iPhone is the first ever to be water-resistant. We have seen many videos testing iPhone 7 under water and in how much depth it can survive.

TechRax had very interesting idea, why don’t iPhone 7 tested with strong acid, ohhh it sounds pretty interesting and weird idea. I know you will never put your iPhone in that weird condition. What do you think, will iPhone 7 survive the test, are you eager to see the results ?

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Let us find the answers in this video by TechRax …

So it was another video experiment from popular TechRax, which tested the latest iPhone 7. He decided to use the strongest known acid, specifically fluoroantimonic acid and to test the resilience of the iPhone 7. In this video above you can see the whole process, with some interesting information remains that the outcome of the apple phone with minor consequences functions.


So guys, after watching the video, what’s your opinion? Do share your views in our comments section below…

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