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iPhone 7 Plus Suffering From Black Screen Of Death

iPhone 7 Plus


iPhone 7 Plus Suffering From Black Screen Of Death

Users of iPhone 7 Plus are experiencing a completely black screen while using the camera app, it has been termed as “black screen of death”

There seems to be no end to the problems affecting Apple’s flagship smartphone iPhone 7 Plus. After news of it catching fire and fast battery draining, some users have now reported an unexpected problem with the camera module. The Internet, which has already gained a reputation for terming things up, has termed it the “black screen of death”.

According to some online tabloid, the camera defect can be attributed to some faulty batches of iPhone 7 Plus. In some batches of iPhone 7 Plus the screen turns black after the camera app starts appending photos. Some users have also reported experiencing unnatural green or sometimes purple coloured screens.

2-6-750x500 iPhone 7 Plus Suffering From Black Screen Of Death

“Today, the camera in my iPhone 7 Plus has died. A quick search on Twitter and Google confirmed that I am not alone with this problem. I open the Camera app and see a black screen instead of the image from the lens. Sometimes I see a picture, but it is coloured in green or purple colour. Once even appeared the inscription iPhone Attention should be cool, even though the smartphone has not even warmed up”, A Reddit user by the name teryakiwok reported it.

It seems hard to believe but at times some applications give false warnings of overheating iPhone, even during winters when the device is lying cold. Users could not resolve the same even after resetting the iPhone’s settings to factory mode. Some Reddit users of the online thread started by teryakiwok have added that when contacted, Apple’s tech supports are associating the black screen to a “hardware failure”.

Some experts are of the opinion that this problem has surfaced because of a defect in the loop, which connects the camera module to the motherboard of the iPhone 7 Plus. As of now, it is recommended to everyone who has experienced “black screen of death” to take their iPhone 7 plus to the nearest authorised centre of Apple smartphones.

Source: Macdigger (Russian)

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