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iPhone 7 with get Heavy-duty glass: The first Gorilla Glass 5 crash test [video]


iPhone 7 with get Heavy-duty glass: The first Gorilla Glass 5 crash test [video]

iPhone 7 will have new anti-shattering high-strength glass. Now, if you accidentally drop your precious gadget on earth, or shove it in the back pocket of trousers, it will no longer lead to catastrophic consequences.

This week, Corning introduced its latest development – a new generation of glass Gorilla Glass 5 . It is intended to provide additional protection against damage of the screen during accidental drops. New glass can withstand a drop onto a hard surface from a height of 1.6 m without any damage in 80% of cases. Approximately at this altitude hold your smart phone at arm’s length when shooting selfie. This rate is four times better than competitive products.

According to Corning’s, survey

  • 85% of smartphone owners drop their mobile device at least once a year, and
  • 55% of users claim that dropping the gadget even more frequently – three or more times a year.
  • In addition, 60% of users reported that about two-thirds of smartphone falls occur from a height from the waist to the shoulder.

[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”420″]

Source Video: CNET

Gorilla Glass 5 Glass has been tested on uneven surfaces, as well as a demonstration for the press it has been dropped on the sandpaper with five-foot height. Some smart phones, which occurred in the test lab, kept up to 220 hard landings. In addition to the fall, the new material copes with scratches and chips, especially when compared to other popular designs.

New glass Corning already commercially available, but more will be held some time before will be available equipped with their smartphones. iPhone 7 will be one of the first devices on the market that are protected Gorilla Glass 5.

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