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iPhone 7 Camera 3rd Best Among All: DXoMark

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iPhone 7 Camera 3rd Best Among All: DXoMark

iPhones have always been  admired for a lot many things, but my personal favourite is their cameras. Needless to say, iPhone cameras never disappoint and are stunning most of the time. Apple always brings great innovations to its new iPhone cameras. It created a lot of buzz when Apple announced a dual-camera setup for the iPhone 7 Plus. Initial snaps taken from both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were really impressive and promising. But now we’ve a detailed analysis of the iPhone 7 camera recently conducted by the highly coveted DxOMark.

DxOMark-Mobile-Photo iPhone 7 Camera 3rd Best Among All: DXoMark

Apple fans would be happy to know that the iPhone 7 camera is indeed the best Apple iPhone camera yet. The iPhone 7 scored an impressive accumulative DxOMark Mobile Score of 86. This is the best by any iPhone yet surpassing the previous best of 84 by iPhone 6s Plus and 82 by the iPhone 6s. However, this is still the third best score by any smartphone camera and the iPhone 7 couldn’t beat the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in this department.

According to DxOMark, “The iPhone 7 camera represents a very solid evolution over the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in both features and image quality. All three phones feature a 12MP 1/2.7”-type sensor, and a wide-angle (28mm equivalent) lens. However, the iPhone 7 has a brighter lens – f/1.8 compared to the f/2.2 of the 6s and 6s. It also adds optical image stabilization, previously only found in Apple’s Plus models. Improved image processing and a more power efficient sensor rounds out its new feature set.”

The iPhone 7 camera features quad-flash which results into better color rendering, more accurate white balance, and low levels of noise. The iPhone 7 camera has a very good target exposure and a wide dynamic range. The stills taken were breathtakingly beautiful. However, outdoor and low-light photography led to loss in fine details. The autofocus while using flash was also quite unstable according to DxOMark. The videos taken were also quite vibrant and beautiful. Here’re a few picture samples:

dxomark-iphone7-13 iPhone 7 Camera 3rd Best Among All: DXoMark dxomark-iphone7-12 iPhone 7 Camera 3rd Best Among All: DXoMark

You can read the whole detailed review of the iPhone 7 camera here. Also, we’re eagerly waiting for the results of the iPhone 7 Plus camera and we do hope that it would take up the top place as the best camera on any smartphone.




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