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iPhone 7: A Realistic Concept Based on the latest rumors dated [Video]


iPhone 7: A Realistic Concept Based on the latest rumors dated [Video]

The iPhone 7 is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for creative and one of them relied on rumors in recent weeks in order to achieve a concept as realistic as possible, a concept put video by iDeviceHelp . It is very convincing and it should interest many people.

The images used in the video all come from the same person, specifically the designer behind the officiant account Appleidesigner . A quick look at his portfolio will confirm this but it is really very talented.

concept-iphone-7-640x459 iPhone 7: A Realistic Concept Based on the latest rumors dated [Video]

iPhone 7 with dark black, using lightning connector as headphone source.

This concept does not seek to reinvent the wheel and it focuses primarily on the latest rumors dated and leaks in recent weeks.

IPhone 7 realistic, developed from the latest rumors dated

The iPhone 7 fictitious imagined by Appleidesigner is with a beautiful aluminum shell, a shell is declining in several different colors and more specifically in silver, black, gold and rose gold. Realistic? Yes and no. If several people have referred to the launch of a deep gray model or midnight blue, the latest images leaked unfortunately does not go in this direction.

It is rather a pity because a black 7 iPhone would be likely to attract a lot of people. Now, do not lose sight of the fact that the colors used by Apple are also used on computers (ultra) Cell brand.

It is therefore important to maintain some consistent in terms of colors used, especially as the next MacBook Pro should also be available in several colors.

A black version and a Touch Intelligent Touch ID reader

The device is also without headphone jack and this should not surprise you as the next iPhone are expected to top the impasse. The switch is still present, however.

The creative behind this concept has also worked on the Touch ID reader. It is no longer with a push mechanism and thus it melts literally in the hull, like a touch area. The result is interesting, especially with the curved glass protecting the slab.

Appleidesigner has also chosen to increase the size of the optical sensor overlaying the main image of the device and it is still difficult to be surprised given the leaks in recent weeks.

In the end, this concept is well balanced and it should therefore much interest to fans of the brand.

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