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Apple iOS 10.2 Update Causing Huge Problems To Many Users

iOS 10.2


Apple iOS 10.2 Update Causing Huge Problems To Many Users

A major part of Apple’s success rides on the unique interface that users get from the iOS. Apple is already aware of this fact and therefore before rolling out a major update to its operating system, Apple conducts a series of beta tests to ensure that the new update is going to add to its loyal customer base. With the recent iOS 10.2 update, Apple did the same. Before rolling it out to the public, it released seven different beta versions. But, if the reports are to be believed then all prior measures that Apple took with 10.2 seems to have failed, as a number of users have reported that after iOS 10.2 update their smartphone is suffering from glitches hitherto unseen.

Some Apple and iOS related discussion forums have already started new threads where a number of users have reported or assented to observing glitches post the 10.2 update. The commonly reported glitches are incessant rebooting, inability to uninstall apps and users observing delayed or completely inaccessible iTunes.

Screenshot-2016-12-15-at-02.43.00-750x548 Apple iOS 10.2 Update Causing Huge Problems To Many Users

Also, aside from these felt glitches, some users are reporting that the battery problem continues to persist even after the iOS 10.2 update, which they were kind of hoping that Apple will redress it with the 10.2 update. Another user has reported that after the 10.2 update his battery iPhone’s battery performance has gone south with his device shutting down on itself whenever the battery level falls below 30%. A different user has reported that the battery drains at an alarming rate after its level gets below 50%.

Some users have also observed that Apple has not yet fixed the Bluetooth audio connectivity bug experienced prior to the 10.2 update by many iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users. It has only been a few days but the list of glitches and unfixed bugs goes on and on. Some of the new bugs are yet undiscovered and many users are already feeling that Apple should release a new update and it should do it soon because loyalty comes with a price and the price is consumers’ satisfaction.

Source: Apple Discussion Forum

Via: Forbes


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