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How To install MacOS 10.12 Sierra without a developer account


How To install MacOS 10.12 Sierra without a developer account

macOS-10.12-Sierra-icon_thumb How To install MacOS 10.12 Sierra without a developer accountOn Monday, Apple’s WWDC conference showed new operating system, and among them, of course, a new version of Mac OS 10.12, which was named Sierra . The new version really brought a lot of innovations, which include mainly Siri, Tabs, PIP or feature that is named Universal Clipboard and serves to forward the copied text / images between Mac and iPhone.

Surely many of you want to wait until September, when should Apple will probably release a version available for all. Apple currently allows to install the first beta version to registered developers, who pay so-called developer account for $99  per year.

macOS-Log-In_thumb How To install MacOS 10.12 Sierra without a developer account

So if you do not want to wait for the final version, there is a way through which you can install the first beta version of MacOS 10.12 Sierra without a developer account. Thanks to the instructions below, you can already talk to Siri on the Mac.

You can also install iOS 10 on iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices

How to install MacOS 10.12 Sierra

Before installing recommend that you watch the video below. Installation is difficult and everyone in her desert at your own risk .

Step 1: First, you must download a .dmg file running MacOS Sierra. Either download the file here (Mega) or via torrent .

If you choose the first (Mega), we’ll need to enter this code for downloading ” ! BNw1PNSB-EXT-McBANuQLPAMuqIfIVT4HBP2ozRXwQ0 “.

Step 2: Once downloaded, open the downloaded .dmg file. A folder in which we will see a new icon MacOS. Icon , click the right button and choose ‘ Show Package Contents . Then, open the folder  Contents -> SharedSupport and then run the file InstallESD.dmg.

Step 3: After executing InstallESD.dmg displays additional file folder in which you must run BaseSystem.dmg . The file is hidden by default the Mac, so you need to start Terminal , and then paste this command ” defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE; killall Finder “.

After inserting the command has already BaseSystem.dmg displayed.

Step 4: After the launch, you receive another directory folders. In folders are not clicking on anything. Now put on your Mac memory stick , which can be formatted, so in it all files are deleted .

Step 5: Then we run the Launchpad tool, which is called Disk Utility . In the left column, click on us tucked stick and then choose the option panel Split . Displays the settings window. This time we click on the option format , in which you select the option ” OS X Extended (Journaled) “. Then just click Apply , which is located in the lower right corner.

After splitting choose us again formatted USB stick and then in the menubar click on Edit -> Refresh . From the menu, select ” OS X Base System “, and then click in the lower right corner, click Restore . This process will be rather long. After the process is complete, open the contents of the USB stick. So we have to go back to the “file” .dmg named InstallESD.dmg. When the contents of a folder, select the files InstallESD.dmg  BaseSystem.dmg and BaseSystem.chunklist and move both files to the root folder of our stick.

After moving to open the folder Flash Drive System -> Installation and Folder move folder Packages , also InstallESD.dmg, which we opened in the third step. Then just stick swapping back. After loading the Flash Drive can already install MacOS Sierra on your Mac by running MacOS 10.12 Sierra Developer Preview on your stick.

Please note that this is purely for guidance and LSA is not responsible for any problems during installation when you lose your data. Installation is really easy and improper installation can damage the device. Device before installing MacOS best back up through Time Machine to it if a problem can ever recover.

If you have trouble installing the macOS 10.12 Sierra, then you must check this video.

Note : we don’t support any illegal content in our hosting and not support illegal content. its just purely for the knowledge of the users.


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