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Inside Google coolest shop where nothing is sold


Inside Google coolest shop where nothing is sold

TechCrunch visited the new flagship store Google, located in Manhattan, New York. The scale of this store is impressive: it presents all the new companies and established presentation stands. Nevertheless, to buy something in it does not work, you can only view, and the order will have to register through the Internet or from mobile operators.

From the usual Google shopping outlet characterized by the presence of special zones in which existing products look more harmonious. For example, to Google Home column is equipped with a special demonstration kitchen, and a helmet Daydream View virtual reality can be tested in a large section that is stylized as a location in any VR-game.

Of course, the store can carefully examine and test any product Google: Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, the router Google Wifi, Google Home columns of different colors, VR-helmet Daydream View, Chromecast Ultra-top box, and so on. It is noteworthy that some of the goods are grouped so as to make it more convenient to use with each other: for example, the Pixel with Chromecast, Pixel from Daydream View. Google employees advise visitors of the store, showing how the various “iron” the company’s products and applications. In large interactive screens, you can see how the various Google services, including Google Earth.

b3fc7c7c55568ad54354ca6756911f74 Inside Google coolest shop where nothing is sold

goolge_earth_in_google_shop Inside Google coolest shop where nothing is sold

In the Google store also are a lot of high-tech installations that are installed exclusively for beauty, and do not carry any functional benefit. For example, a ball made up of plates, which show color pictures, and a rack of dozens of the charging smartphones the Pixel.

The Google approach to retailing is now in many ways similar to what makes Apple. This is no accident – as director of retail marketing for Google takes Janelle Fisher, who three years ago worked at Apple and is also engaged in design stores.

Currently, these shops are open in the United States, and they will appear in the UK and Canada in the near future. Google has yet been no such large-scale retail outlets – it is obvious from the fact that trade in them in fact there was nothing. Now, when the company their new products under the loud slogan Made by Google, it needs a level shops. Google Partners in this project were made by various trade networks: Best Buy in the US and Dixon in the UK. They singled out Google premises on a long term basis and provide their own staff.

Source : TechCrunch

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