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How To Increase / Speed-up Jio 4G Download Speed on your SmartPhone.


How To Increase / Speed-up Jio 4G Download Speed on your SmartPhone.

These days the speed of Jio is down but we have some methods by which you can increase the download speed of Jio 4G on your smartphone.

Method to Increase Your Jio Speed

Reliance_Jio_Logo_October_2015-1 How To Increase / Speed-up Jio 4G Download Speed on your SmartPhone.When Reliance Jio first came with its Preview offer, it promised to be the fastest amongst all net vendors. Because it offered free internet, voice calls, messages, it was not unexpected that customers stood in queues to get preserve of 1 Jio SIM. Reliance Jio was the solution India become seeking out, a Country in which 4Mbps speed is a massive deal.

However, they failed in it. These days the speed is down. It did not take long for Jio’s fabled speed to drop from 50Mbps to a move slowly of 6-10Mbps. Even at 8Mbps, the speed isn’t always constant.

Now, right here is what you could do (at your very own risk).

Method 1: Lock the 4G network to band 40

To get better coverage you don’t need to do anything, your cell phone will automatically switch to the band that gives higher coverage.

To boom speed follow these steps:

  • Dial *#*#4636#*#*
  • Select phone info
  • Select “Set preferred network type”
  • Select LTE Only

For Qualcomm processor

  •  Install Shortcut master (Lite) app from Google Play Store.
  •  Menu > search
  •  Type “Engineering Mode” or “Service Menu” and search
  •  Open if found and access to change LTE bands

For MediaTek processor

Installation MTK Engineering Mode

  • Run app
  • Select ‘MTK Settings’
  • Select ‘BandMode’
  • Choose SIM slot where you have put your Jio SIM
  • Choose ‘LTE mode’
  • Select band 40 for nice speed or band 5 for high-quality coverage
  • Save settings & reboot cell to activate changes.

Note: These methods might also or might not work even if you have smartphones with those processors. We recommend you to use those methods at your own risk.

Reliance Jio is the simplest 4G network that helps 3 LTE bands for fine coverage and excellent speed.

So in case you lock the LTE network at band 40 your cell phone will no longer be capable of switching to a network band with better coverage.

Method 2: Change your APN settings

You may also increase the speed of your Jio net with the aid of converting the APN settings but before converting it we suggest you write down the current settings.

Change the APN Settings as shown below.

  • Name – RJio
  • APN – jionet
  • APN type- Default
  • Proxy – No Changes
  • Port – No Changes
  • Username – No Changes
  • Password – No Changes
  • Server –
  • MMSC – No Changes
  • MMS proxy – No Changes
  • MMS port – No Changes
  • MCC – 405
  • MNC – 863 or 874 or 857
  • Authentication type – No Changes
  • APN Protocol – Ipv4/Ipv6

Download Snap VPN from Play store

After changing the APN settings, download Snap VPN app from the Google Play store. As soon as you have got installed the app connects to the Singapore or France server. This must improve your downloading speed but not browsing speed.

Download link: Snap VPN

Note: We suggest you to try those methods to increase your 4G pace at your own risk. India today will no longer responsible if these methods/techniques cause a temporary or permanent problem with your cellphone after the changes. Despite the fact that, if there may be indeed a few problem with your cell phone after trying those strategies, we suggest you to factory reset the device.

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