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Hundreds of iPhones seized in US


Hundreds of iPhones seized in US

More than 500 iPhones were seized in the US this week, police in Tigard, Washington, discovered a group of criminals who trafficked terminal iPhone in China using the gift cards purchased using stolen credit cards.

confiscare-trafic-iPhone_thumb Hundreds of iPhones seized in US

Detectives in Tigard found accidentally in a mall a man with a large number of gift cards to buy products Apple from an Apple Store, they Deciding to track, and to require local police to stop them and to search his car after observing that it was full of newly acquired products from Apple. In a search of the car, police found more than 470 terminals inside the iPhone only, after hearing the man and giving them information that helped police confiscate dozens of terminals in a courier company’s headquarters Fed Ex.

The accused agreed to cooperate with the police to identify other individuals who are part of this organized criminal group, their goal is to buy terminals iPhone that are then sent to Hong Kong where they are sold at a profit big enough.

Police said that detectives seized more than 470 Apple iPhones from the car, worth more than $290,000, along with hundreds of gift cards worth more than $585,000. The alleged thieves directed Tigard detectives to a nearby Fed Ex store, where police siezed dozens of boxes of iPhones bound for Hong Kong.

The more than 500 iPhones worth more than $ 300,000, but with them were discovered and gift cards worth 585,000 dollars, so talk about injury large items to people whose credit cards were cloned.

For now, police did not say if any Apple employee was involved in this group, considering that most iPhones were purchased from two Apple Store sites, but talk about a capture impressive that still reveals a small part of how they trafficked iPhones worldwide.

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