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How-To Use Handy shortcuts for the iPad (Pro)


How-To Use Handy shortcuts for the iPad (Pro)

Apple recently had launched a new iPad Pro in iPad family. So if you using iPad Pro or older iPad running latest iOS 9 can simply connect simply connect a keyboard to the iPad and use keyboard shortcuts. It helps you to use iPad more efficiently and you can use it like a laptop.

This is very handy because you can quickly paste text, edit or return to the home screen. To find out where you can use keyboard shortcuts which you can best the cmd⌘ press the button, after a few moments you get to use all the key commands available to you at that moment. Below we have listed the most useful.

List of shortcuts for iPad ( Pro ) using external keyboard:

• cmd⌘ + shift⇧ + H ▸ Go to the Home page
• cmd⌘ + Spacebar ▸ activates spotlight (search)
• cmd⌘ + Tab ▸ swap quickly between apps

app-switcher-ios9-300x2132x_thumb How-To Use Handy shortcuts for the iPad (Pro)

• cmd⌘ + N ▸ create new content (calendar, message, contact, etc.)
• cmd⌘ + F ▸ look for in an app
• cmd⌘ + R ▸ Re-loading of content (Safari, calendar, etc.)
• cmd⌘ + B ▸ Bold Style
• cmd⌘ + I ▸ Text Display oblique
• cmd⌘ + You ▸ Text underline
• cmd⌘ + T ▸ new tab in Safari
• cmd⌘ + S to save ▸ content
• cmd⌘ + V ▸ paste content
• cmd⌘ + C ▸ content copying
• cmd⌘ + shift⇧ + W ▸ show word number in Pages
• cmd⌘ + option⌥ + C ▸ copy style in Pages
• cmd⌘ + P ▸ print content
• ctrl ^ + tab ▸ show next tab

• cmd⌘ + R ▸ reply to an email message
• cmd⌘ + F ▸ forward an email message
• cmd⌘ + R ▸ tone ruler in Notes

toetscombi-ios-300x2132x_thumb How-To Use Handy shortcuts for the iPad (Pro)

These are just a few examples, you can also use keyboard shortcuts to applications from third like Tweetbot, Facebook Messenger, Google Chrome, Microsoft Outlook, etc. It is a best moments and the application cmd⌘ key hold until you see the suggestions get depressed like the image above.

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