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How to transfer data from Android to iOS


How to transfer data from Android to iOS

If you plan to switch from Android to iOS, you should not escape this tip. You will learn is how to manage the entire process without losing any data.

Move-to-iOS-app How to transfer data from Android to iOS

Although in the beginning you had an Android phone and you want to switch to Apple, You might have thought of your personal data to be switched over to iOS, How to arrange the transfer of data? Oddly enough, it is very easy thanks to a simple procedure that can handle the common user.

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How to move your data from Android to iPhone or iPad with Move to iOS

Before you begin

The moment you dare to make a change in your device and you want to get him and all data from the previous one, it is important to know some essential information to data seamlessly transferred.

  • First of all go to Google Play to download the application Move to iOS to your device from Android. move-to-ios-android-2-play-store-app-screen How to transfer data from Android to iOS
  • Subsequently, make sure that you have a new iPhone, iPad or iPod ample space for recorded data.
  • Connect your Android device, but also iOS Wi-Fi and both products provide sufficient energy in the battery.
  • If you want to transfer and bookmarks from Chrome, you need to update your Android Google Chrome browser to its latest version.

Data can not be transferred in such cases.

  • When the older version of iOS than Android 4.0 and 9.
  • When configured with iOS devices. In this case, you must include the iPhone, iPad or iPod to factory settings.
  • Only during the initial configuration of the product you can start transmitting data from Android.
  • The whole process only works on the iPhone 5 or later, iPad 4th generation or later, iPad mini 2nd generation or later, or iPod Touch 6th generation.

Activate data transmission:

If you meet all the conditions set out above, begin transmission on the basis of the following steps.

  1. On an Android device to run the application on Move to iOS. Click to continue and accept the license terms. move-to-ios-iphone-2-android-screen How to transfer data from Android to iOS
  2. On your iOS device, scroll to the possibility of transferring data from Android. It’s version will appear in the initial configuration, where you choose whether to be set as a new product, whether you restore data from a backup like. I ignore this information and looking to make a selection and then transfer data from Android. The initial information and you continue further press the Options button.
  3. On your Android device, enter the 12-digit code displayed on the iPhone or iPad.

    move-to-ios-iphone-3-code-screen How to transfer data from Android to iOS move-to-ios-android-5-code-screen How to transfer data from Android to iOS

  4. Now runs the choice of data. On Android, choose which data you want to transfer and confirm your choice. Then leave both devices work, and wait until the progress bar on the iOS ramps down to the end and finish button appears. Confirm and you are done. Subsequently then continue setting up your new iPhone, iPad or iPod on screen instructions. move-to-ios-android-7-select-screen-422x750 How to transfer data from Android to iOS move-to-ios-android-8-transferring-screen-422x750 How to transfer data from Android to iOS
  5. After initial configuration, you will still be asked if you want to download from the App Store any applications that you previously used on Android. They are free of charge directly downloaded and installed, the paid version is stored in the App Store on your wish list, where you can buy it later.

And that’s it. When you follow the above mentioned process, the transition to iOS not miss a thing. The entire process we have personally tested and confirm its functionality. So do not hesitate. Decide to the steep step and get to be sleek iPhone.

Other Third Party Applications that can help you out in transferring your data from any android phone to iOS : ( will be updating the list )

  1. SynciOS ( Mac and Windows )
  2. iTools ( Mac and Windows )
  3. AnyTrans ( Mac and Windows )

Source:  Apple Support

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