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How To Speed Up OS X Photos By Reducing Motion


How To Speed Up OS X Photos By Reducing Motion

photos-app-icon-mac-300x294_thumb How To Speed Up OS X Photos By Reducing Motion


We all know about the motion effects in iOS but there are there in the OSX Photos app too. It uses various motion animations just like they appear in the iOS, with plenty of zooming, panning, and other eye candy for doing simple tasks like opening a picture.

OS X Daily has pointed out that the Photos app has it, and you can speed up performance by turning it off.

Thus, turning motion animations off can effectively make the Photos app noticeably speedier.



Here’s How to Speed up Mac OSX photos app by“enabling Reduce motion”

Step 1: Open up Photos, then Head to Photos > Preferences and select the General tab.

50194616-1_thumb How To Speed Up OS X Photos By Reducing Motion

Step 2: Click on “Reduce Motion” to disable the various animations, and you’ll be on your way to making Photos a little less cumbersome to use. If you feel like your Mac’s been pretty slow lately.

Step 3: Close the Photos Preferences and navigate around the Photos library, opening images and performing other tasks will now have a nice simple fading transition quickly render between events rather than drawing the animation sequence

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Source : Speed Up Photos App in OS X with Reduce Motion | OS X Daily

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