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How to Send Emails Using Cortana in Windows 10


How to Send Emails Using Cortana in Windows 10

Emails, the first thing to do when we connect to the internet, we have been sending emails from our computers, smartophones from ages, using old fashioned way of logging into an email account, looking up for contact address, writing a draft and clicking on send. now its time to get used to new way of sending emails using “Cortana”, your digital assistant in Windows 10

send-emails-using-cortana_thumb How to Send Emails Using Cortana in Windows 10

Send Email Using Cortana in Windows 10

Sending an email using Cortana is damn easy in Windows 10. First, you need to set up an email account with either Microsoft Outlook or Live , and follow the steps below.

The first few steps are meant for setting up Cortana and training Cortana to recognize your voice. You can skip these steps in case you have already set up Cortana.

1. Click on the Windows 10 search box or the Cortana search box as it is increasingly being referred to.

2. Click on Cortana’s settings icon (See image below)

cortana-settings_thumb How to Send Emails Using Cortana in Windows 10

3. On the settings screen make sure that Hey Cortana is set to On Position (See image below)

4. Go down and click on Learn My voice button (See image below)

cortana-learn-my-voice_thumb How to Send Emails Using Cortana in Windows 10

5. In this step, you will be reading out the 6 phrases that Cortana will ask you to say and complete the process.

You can skip steps 4 and 5 above, as Cortana works fine even without voice training. However, spending a few minutes to train Cortana to recognize your voice will get you better results.

Once you have setup Cortana and gone through the voice configuration process, you can proceed to the next steps to send an email by giving voice commands to your digital assistant Cortana.

Ask Cortana to Send Email

1. Click on the microphone symbol in the search box within Cortana or the taskbar to make sure that your microphone is on.

2. Once the mic is activated, say, “Hey Cortana, send an email“.

3. Cortana will respond with “Who is the email going to” – Say the recipient’s name.

You need to have the recipient in your contacts with name and email address, so that Cortana can pick the right email address.

4. Cortana will ask you “What’s the subject” – say your subject line

5. Cortana will say “What’s your message” – say your message

6. Cortana will display the email that she has composed and say “Here is your email, send it? Add more or Make changes”.

7. In case you want to make changes to the email, say, “Make Changes” and go through the process of getting your email right.

8. Say send it, once you are satisfied with the email.

So this was a simple tutorial “How to Send Emails using Cortana in Windows 10

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