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How To Install macOS Sierra on non-compatible mac


How To Install macOS Sierra on non-compatible mac

Apple announced a limited compatibility macOS Sierra on its older devices, but good news for you, it is possible with a hack to extend this compatibility to your computer!

installer-macos-sierra How To Install macOS Sierra on non-compatible mac

Which Mac is compatible for macOS Sierra?

According to Apple and announced at the last Keynote , different computers that can not install the latest operating system macOS Sierra are:

  • MacBook 2008 and early / mid-2009
  • MacBook Pro 2007, 2008 and 2009
  • MacBook Air 2008 and 2009
  • Mac mini 2009
  • iMac 2007, 2008 and early / mid 2009
  • Mac Pro 2008 and 2009
  • Xserve

Mac-548493-742x350 How To Install macOS Sierra on non-compatible mac

List of macOS Sierra Compatible Mac (s)

Based on the research of some users determined to make this update, the OS would work perfectly on:

  • MacBook late 2008 and early / mid 2009
  • MacBook Pro late 2008 and early / mid 2009
  • iMac early 2009
  • Mac Pro early 2009
  • 2009 Xserve.

On other models below, the update would work well as those highlighted in yellow have problems with the Wi-Fi .

mac-non-compatibles-macos-sierra How To Install macOS Sierra on non-compatible mac

So here you go, we will guide you to install macOS sierra on your non-compatible mac, just follow these simple steps below

Install macOS Sierra on your non-compatible Macs

Before doing anything, take care to backup your entire Mac under penalty of losing everything.

Step #1: To install the OS on your Mac, you will firstly need:

Step #2: Once these prerequisites met, he did not just have to follow these steps:

  • Insert your USB key
  • Open Disk Utility
  • Clear  your USB stick with the format Mac OS Extended
  • Once done, open the application ”  macOS Sierra Patcher” and select the installer previously downloaded system

macos-sierra-patcher How To Install macOS Sierra on non-compatible mac

  • Then follow the directions and select your USB drive
  • It’ll just click “Start Operation”

Step #3: Once finished, your USB drive is now a boot drive for your Mac, so you need to install macOS Sierra via the latter:

  • Restart your Mac while holding down the “alt”
  • Select then the startup volume on your USB
  • Open Disk Utility and select the disk on which to install your new OS
  • Click “Clear” by choosing well in advance the format “Extended OS X”

mac-os-install How To Install macOS Sierra on non-compatible mac

Step #4: It’ll just install the OS on your disk, once it is installed, restart your Mac still holding down the“alt” .

  • It will this time select “Utilities” section “macOS Post Install …”
  • Select the application in your model of Mac , the application should detect your configuration automatically (You can still select other patches if necessary)
  • Then select your key USB and click “Patch”
  • Once applied the patch, it will do more than you click on “Reboot” and wait more or less time

macos-post-install-app How To Install macOS Sierra on non-compatible mac

Here you are now equipped with macOS Sierra on your non-Mac compatible!

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