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How To Install Extensions in Microsoft Edge

Windows 10

How To Install Extensions in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft started rolling out its Windows 10 Anniversary update for PCs, Tablets and the Xbox One a couple of days back. The much-anticipated Windows 10 Anniversary update has brought a host of new features and improvements to the existing Windows 10.

The update has brought vast improvements to many popular apps like the Skype or Microsoft Edge among various others.

microsoft-edge How To Install Extensions in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge was introduced as a replacement for the old Internet Explorer by Microsoft when it launched the Windows 10. Although Edge may not still be the most popular internet browser out there, but it is slowly growing up and establishing its foothold. Microsoft has been very keen on improving Edge by removing bugs and adding new features to it at regular intervals.

The latest Windows 10 Anniversary update brings one of the most sought for and requested feature to the Microsoft Edge. It is indeed the support for extensions.

Up until now, Edge didn’t support any extensions, but the anniversary update has changed things. Extensions for Edge are now available on the Windows Store, although they are still very scarce in number, but we hope that it would grow in number pretty soon.

Here’s how you can add extensions in your Microsoft Edge post updating to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update:

Step #1.

Open your Edge Browser and click open the ‘Menu’ button on the top-right corner. Then select ‘Extensions’.

microsoft-edge-extension-add-01 How To Install Extensions in Microsoft Edge

Step #2.

A list of extensions will appear which are installed on your browser. You’ll see an option called  ‘Get Extensions From the Store‘, open it. This will take you to the Windows Store.

microsoft-edge-extension-add-02 How To Install Extensions in Microsoft Edge

Step #3.

In the Windows Store Page, there will be a listing of available Edge extensions for you to choose from.

We have marked it out in Yellow colour so that you can see how many plugins are currently available now. Microsoft is slowly learning from its mistakes and in the upcoming days, we can expect to find tons of plugins or extensions that you can try out on Microsoft Edge which u have been using in Chrome and Firefox.

microsoft-edge-extension-add-03-1024x768 How To Install Extensions in Microsoft Edge

Step #4.

Just select any extension you wish to have installed and click on the ‘Free‘ button.The extension will be downloaded and automatically installed.

microsoft-edge-extension-add-04-1024x581 How To Install Extensions in Microsoft Edge

After its been downloaded, you have to click Launch to activate the extension !

microsoft-edge-extension-add-05 How To Install Extensions in Microsoft Edge

Step #5.

A pop-up will appear asking you whether to enable the extension or not. Just click ‘Turn it On’ and your job is done.

microsoft-edge-extension-add-06 How To Install Extensions in Microsoft Edge

Step #6.

You can further uninstall or disable the extensions by right-clicking on the extension’s icon in the menu and then selecting ‘Manage’.You can see I have downloaded some popular extensions, that I use in Chrome and Firefox.

microsoft-edge-extension-add-07 How To Install Extensions in Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge currently doesn’t offer as many extensions as offered by its counterparts like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, but we expect it to catch up very soon.The currently available extensions include Adblock, Adblock Plus, Office Online, Evernote Web Clipper, OneNote Web Clipper, etc. to name among the many.

This feature is a welcome gesture and is surely a huge leap for the Microsoft Edge.

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